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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


Yes I injected myself in the quad.
He prescribed me also antidepressant with the T, so I 've done some research and found out that anti depressant lower test!!!
I only did one shot and right way my depression went away, I 'am more calm but libido still not there…


What do you have exactly? A 10mL vial of 250mg/mL of Test? or more than 1 vial?

250/21 days is roughly 83 mg/week. This is a pretty low dose. You’d e better with 100/week. Anyway you need to take a shot every 3 or 4 days in a dose that will total your prescription. So in your current script, that would be 41 mg of test every 3.5 days. So your shot would be about 1.65 mL every 3.5 days.

This will at least keep you from crashing and give you a steady stream of test injected every 1/4 life.

You can try using an insulin needle subQ since the volume is so low. A lot of guys here do that.


Things take a while to show up. Gotta be patient


Shit im confused. I dont know whoes talking to who here. Here were my numbers in october. Also important to note i didnt fast for the liver blood deaw and all that.


Thanks for your reply brother, I really appreciate your help.
yes this is 250mg/ml.
I’am also hesitant between doing 100mg/week TRT
and doing a cycle of 250mg/week for 12 weeks then PCT.
I’ve heard that TRT is also complicated, it seems that running a cycle is easier because you come off.


If you have no libido, no natural test, and depression, you need to think seriously about TRT. Otherwise you may just crash worse than before.

100 mg/week is a very moderate dose for TRT.

You need to get your levels steady and see a proper Dr. this is a marathon, not a sprint.


But once you come off you will be just as bad, if not worse, as you were before.


Yeah def weird non-HDL numbers. Your relatively high SHBG and rather low e2 is probably what’s causing you to feel meh. Basically your free e2 levels must be pretty low, and I wouldn’t be surprised if (free) DHT isn’t high either.
Proviron could help, changing the Serm for enclomiphene or toremifene might also be a good idea.


Thank you all for your reply, I appreciate your help,
My test level before first T shot was : 354ng
Prolactine 4,4 ng/ml
Maybe your right about E2, So I took 250mg/ml one shot 8 days ago, so now if I want to do a E2 blood test, when should I do it?
I feel good in terms of depression (it’s pretty much gone), my sex drive still not there.


@luidox33 your lipids and trigs made me think of what’s described here:

(at 26’30)
I’m suspecting a good degree of inflammation going. I’d suggest you listen to the whole discussion from Dr. Gordon, and eventually try to reach out to such a high level physician. This warrants more than TRT/HRT. Maybe scans and extensive inflammation and advanced hormonal bloodworks.

I’ll reiterate but TRT is nothing but a band aid. There’s a cause to low levels of downstream hormones, and that cause is somewhere upstream. We now have plenty of lab testing and medical imagery = use it before “just doing test”


My diagnosed TT in 2014 was 119-127. The doc told me i wouldnt be able to recover out of that without medication.

What do you mean scan? I dont really know how a scan would change the outcome anyways. Wont the solution still be supplemental T? I’ve had a colonoscopy and endoscopic and a contrast CAT scan all of which never revealed anything related to inflammation. I also have unexplained anemia. I’ve had that since 2012 probably longer. The doctor that diagnosed the hypogonadism told me that it’s possible the reason I am hypogonadal is because of my genetic issues with the Y chromosome micro deletion. He never recommended a scan and he’s a pretty well-known figurehead in the testosterone community. You can look him up on YouTube. Dr. Aaron Spitz

When all of this started in 2012 I was first diagnosed with anemia that later became unexplained after every test under the sun and then a couple of years later I’m diagnosed hypogonadal. I have no idea if they’re connected or not. I also deal with chronic hemorrhoids and I always thought that was related to the anemia but I haven’t really noticed much in the way of a difference with them removed.

Right now im on .25 clomid everyday and .5 anastrozal EOD.

I changed the anastrozal from 1mg EOD to .5 rather recently. The blood work represents 1mg EOD.

Those test numbers were also under a terrible diet. Lots of chocolate, crossants, high salt. Since halloween ive ditched all that shit. Looking back at an older sbgh result in april, it was 67. E2 was 8. Between then and now (most recent test) i had only moderatly governed my diet.


Great video btw. I take it your pount is diet change to more veg, omega3 ect and no sugar or processed shit. Sounds great to me. I talked with my doc this morning. Enclomidaphene is appetengly under some sort of investigation. Im waiting to hear back.

My current diet is
Grapenuts blueberrys unsweatened almond milk. Coffee

2 slices whole wheat bread, no meat, just tomatoes, modzerella from the ball and 1 full whole avocado. Watermellon on the side

Evenings before 7
Dinner is usually chicken, acacado again, brocolli or sweat potatoe seasoned with just extra virgin olive oil.

And i snack abit on roasted unsalted almonds. Occasional boiled egg with canned tuna begore dinner. I burn out of tuna kinda fast though.


You need more protein in that diet in my opinion.


Your diet is kinda low on meat derived protein. What about adding 3 eggs in the morning instead of cereal? Keep the fruit. Maybe some lean meat or a shake?

Again, add meat for lunch. Hamburger, steaks, chicken breasts, fish, whatever. Keep your cheese and avodcado. Maybe add a green salad?

Dinner is fine. So are the snacks but do you have anything pre or post workout?


Great advise. I cant even get through more than a week of weights withought crazy recovery lasting 2 weeks. Clomid def not helping me there as im always winded from my anemia. I just do 2 miles cardio everyday m-f right now. Im currently 200 at 5’9 height. Trying to get it down to 160. Abit over weight. Whenni was thinner it was alot easier. (Having kids, no sleep, wrecks everything)

Im not really a burger fan but i love lean grass fed steak, fish, chicken and turkey. Love eggs. I just worry im gonna raise my bad colesteral too high. My biggest goal is low sodium, zero processed sugar amd breads.


This is a fallacy brother. You can eat all the eggs you want. Most of cholesterol issues are genetic but I know mine went down after adding ground flax seed to my shakes everyday which added Omega 9s and 3s fatty acids to my diet.


Not sure if the two go hand in hand but a lot of your dietary iron comes from meats. Where you are anemic could they go together? I’m with @studhammer that the cholesterol part is a fallacy. I believe if you get the right dietary cholesterol from eggs and such that it would only improve your lipids, but again that is my belief and have no proof or scientific evidence, just from what I have read.


No I think you’re right I think some of it is probably a lack of protein in the general diet. When I was diagnosed six years ago I actually consumed a lot of iron rich foods for several months including beef and chicken liver. But it Actually made no difference or if we did it was very insignificant. The anemia acts like I have a bleed somewhere but I’ve been under every test and nothing reveals any problems. The doctors suggested may be a bone marrow issue which makes me kind of think that maybe TRT can help aleviate.


Whats your Estrogen profile look like on this regimen? I bet its too low.

How much Test are you taking?


Im on climid right now. Havnt tested with new diet. Im only 1.5 months into it. Next test is in april. Before abastrozal i felt good, alert, much much less tired but also irratable, aggressive, easily agitated. After anastrozal, kinda melo, frequently tired during the day. Not irratable. Just kinda zoned out 65-70% of the time. My new doc on our first apoinment suggested 1mg a week. I hesitated bur now think that was a mistake not to try. I think my estrodol was something around 50 before anastrozal. Test was 1100 on 50mg tablets.