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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


Never said I didn’t either, but some stand in your way.

But like you said, thread’s turning into something else now.


Overreact much? Never did I say I was denying science, simply stated I’ve seen the science used in nefarious ways.

Also, referring to someone’s line of thinking as “dumb sideline thinking” is repulsive and juvenile. Keep it civil, we’re all adults here.


My bad. A bit of a rough morning. Your right.

Anyways had another conversation with my doctor this last week. I’m able to converse through a portal on an app on my phone where I just asked his nurse questions and she asks him questions and then she gets back to me. I’ve already stated that my current doctor feels that treating people on prostate cancer active surveillance is bad. What really upsets me is that these doctors seem to think that it’s OK to discontinue a much needed treatment to treat a much smaller thing based on knowledge from the 40s. I don’t understand how doctors don’t sit and read and stay up with the times. My old urologist seemed more “progressive thinking” in that way but he was very cavalier about saying “you would just discontinue TRT treat your cancer and then get back on” and in my head I think, OK become a Unick for 2 to 3 years and then become a man again. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Especially with men that aren’t even suppressed with ADT in the same scenario.

I really hope that line of thinking changes in 15 years. It seems like so much is changed in the last 15 to 18 years. For the better, obviously.


Say You’re 70. Been on trt 30 years. those leydig cells aren’t going to miraculously swing back into action. You get a diagnosis for which the “standard of care” is to halt trt, and no doc will go against that for professional and liability reasons. Even though the actual science demonstrates no benefit to doing so. What do you do???


Buy testosterone from UGL sources to continue self treatment.


Oh wow nice. Got that bookmarked. Sure hope they are around in 15-25 years. Is trt available without a script at pharmacies without indurance? Prolly a naive question.


Look at Ben Carson. That man is a brain surgeon. There are no excuses in that regard.

I don’t think about it in that sense. I think about it more in the sense that some people are more naturally inclined towards certain abilities. That doesn’t make anyone inferior.

You cant compare two humans and be fair. I think that’s the problem with our society. You cant hold everyone to a certain standard because everyone is different. If you force everyone to fit into one mold, you are going to exclude a lot of people unjustly.

Edit: I saw after I posted that we wanted to change topic. I just wanted to respond to @jpt365 question.


Alpha man. Well said. You really know how to explain that and other things nicely.


On this we can agree. Too many variables between individuals to dictate which group they should be shoved into.


Seems like diet has a ton to do with it. At least i hope it does. Diet and exercise. My grandfather had stage 4 at age 62. He didnt work out, didnt eat right and neglected check ups all his life. My dad, son of said grandfather, is now 62, works out, eats right, regular rectal and blood check ups, NO detectible cancer and a PSA of 2.4. As far as i can tell, diet seems to affect my family the most. Grandfather is the only prostate cancer case to date.

The only other prostate case is my mothers father, now 87, on flomax, no cancer.

I wonder if i can definitively say with certainty that this counts as a medically defined “family history”?


So, alittle update, my current docs here local to me are shit. Im gonna head back to my first doc whom i only left because of distance. Gonna start TRT in feb. i trust this guy so much more. I just get bad vibes from everyone else.

This is him.

Heres hoping and praying i get to stay on the rest of my life.


Question, and honestly it might be a dumb one…is this guys wisdom applicable to hypogonadal men?


Hmmmm………he does not look as though he has high testosterone.

Seriously, I think that may apply in some instances, but not many. Sure, diet and exercise can increase testosterone, but not by that much.


Yeah honestly this nettleroot seems interesting but what im reading says its really not a heavy lifter of the numbers.


Has anyone had success with something called Aveed? My doctor mentioned that today.


No experience with it, but it has a very long half life and supposedly you can go several weeks between injections.

I think it is available in oral forms as well as injection. Not sure.

What dose and frequency was recommended?


I read about that in Drs office.
Dr says it works great. BUT it can be a money Maker that’s why it works well for the Dr.

Injections are only done in Drs office. Oil is very thick and after Injection need to stay in Dr office for a short time in case something happens.

I wish I knew someone who uses it.


I kinda skimmed through the whole thing… couldn’t find OP’s Clomid protocol? It looks like you’re getting hit by some of the estrogenic side effects from the Zuclomiphene isomer who slowly piles on over time. The solution would be to switch to Enclomiphene, which as of today is a gray/black market drug.

Also, nobody noticed your very concerning Triglyceride levels and those weird cholesterol numbers, I’m supposing VLDL is off the charts. You need to fix your diet ASAP. Something is way off at the liver level. I can’t tell whether the Clomid plays a role or not.

Lastly, the erectile dysfunction is due to improper estrogen management. There’s no such thing as “Deca dick”, using deca with e2 in check leads to absolutely sky high libido. People who report deca dick don’t understand this.


Hello Could you please help me?
I’am 37 year old male, and for about 6 years now (due to to much problems) my libido is non existent, I can get an erection if I concentrate but, no sensitivity whatsoever and during the ejaculation I feel no orgasm at all + huge depression + low self esteem… So last week I went to an Endo right, Total Test 350 ng which is low + sperm count low either. So he prescribed Test e 250mg every 21 days!!! didn’t check oestrogen either… After my first shot my depression went away, but my libido still the same. I live in a foreign country where they have no idea what TRT is!!!
I want to run a Test e only cycle like 250mg /week, what should I do ? to minimise side effects??
Thank you so much.


This is a terrible protocol and will likely make you feel even worse than you do now. Your test will totally crash by the 21st day. Will he let you self inject?