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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


It’s difficult to unlearn what you have been taught in medical school, it’s easier for a doctor to mitigate risk however small by burying his head in the sand pretending like none of these studies exists.

They are thinking I’ll allow someone else to take that risk and follow suit when it widely accepted by mainstream medicine. Standard of care, if all doctors are doing it they cannot get in trouble if something goes wrong.

Doctors don’t have time to read these studies as they have 20 patients to see in an 8 hour shift and the majority of that time is filling out paperwork for the insurance company so they can get paid spending minimal time with the patient.


Meanwhile we suffer.


One day at a time. Why worry now? Worry is the interest you pay on something that might never happen… Don’t you want to feel awesome for the next 15-25 years and deal with that if it ever comes?

How old will you be in 15-25 years?


In 15 ill be 55. In 25 ill be 65.

My grandfather got prostate cancer at 65. Thats not what killed em though. M dad doesnt have any cancer at the same age. So, i guess that means technically a family history? I dunno.

Yeah, i get what your saying. Why worry now just live happy and deal with it then. Im actually ok with the cancer and treatment im just no ok with coming off TRT the minute theres a single diagnosis weather mild or small. With a non trt normal test ramge person, their levels are left alone unless the cancer gets really big. Their levels are not touched. But, in the same damn scenerio, i have to come off TRT. That, makes NO sense at all.




None really. Testosterone used in TRT has an ester attached, which keeps it in the body longer. That’s the cypionate, enanthate and propionate you hear about and those are dissolved in a carrier oil, sesame seed, cotton seed, grape seed or peanut oil. Once the ester is cleaved, it does it’s thing and is metabolized and eventually excreted.

If you hear of aqueous testosterone, or suspension, that is in water and as such is quick acting and quickly excreted, in a matter of four to six hours.


So the non ester is still trt it just starts faster and doesnt last as long.


Im also reading that DHT is the prostate cancer culprit?


Most stuff I have seen on the internet points to E2 being out of whack being the actual culprit. DHT and e2 are involved though.


No one uses aqueous test for TRT, you would be injecting yourself constantly. Athletes used it as a PED for competitions, i.e. the day of the competition.


Does TRT cause adrenal shutdown?


Here is a good little bit of info.

Its a paper trying to find out why blacks get higher rates of prostate cancer compared to whites.

They determined that they both had similar test levels, but blacks had higher E2.

Concerning your question as to whether DHT or E2 causes prostate issues.

"Contrary to the postulated racial difference, testosterone concentrations did not differ notably between black and white men. However, blacks had higher estradiol levels. "


Oh yes i always see that racial destiction. They dont know why either. Just like asians have lower rates of prostate cancer. They assume diet right?


Biology. Every race has their own genetic make-up…

No matter what the progressives say. Race isn’t a social construct.



Yeah thid guy is awesome. But i think hes anti-trt too.


I can only speak for myself, because no group of people are a monolith.

The reason why I, as a “progressive,” tend to stray away from that form of thinking is because of my children. I’m a person of color, my child is about to be born next year. I shudder to think that people around my child will automatically believe they must be inferior due to skin tone. I worry, for example, if this means they will be afforded fewer opportunities with regard to schooling because they’re automatically seen as a lost cause. Also, there are a lot of people who use this argument for nefarious purposes (they say IQ/genetics should be used to determine job/status for society’s gain, etc).

Not accusing you of this form of thinking. Just approaching things from a different perspective.


Now a days you will have more opportunities than others. I’ve seen this play out in schooling and careers. For instance The 8 supervisor (and they make 90k plus) in my job are either female,black,Hispanic or gay. No white people.
I should worry more than you about my kids.

You will be fine.


And I haven’t, this is where we differ in opinion/experience. People always want the blame “the other” for their problems.

You’re speaking from your experience and I’m speaking from mine. You cannot tell me I/my children will be fine since I’ve experienced discrimination multiple times in my life.


So have I. And my family will be fine.

I Don’t wait for anyone to afford me an opportunity. We make them Happen.

Am not saying this argumentatively.

I really don’t want this thread to be about something other than trt. So I will stick with that topic. I suggest you post in the off topic forum on t Nation.

Happy Thanksgiving.