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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


Ive seen jon cristler videos with that.


Ha…the one where he bled? Not a ringing endorsement but he shows how easy it is. I think once over the last year I might have seen a tiny spec of blood but it’s unusual.


Ha thats the one. I can see myself forgetting an injection sometimes. I forget a clomid pill from time to time. The lows feom that are aggrivating. Hopfully the trt prnalty ist too aggressive in those scenerios.

You know its a shame there isnt needless injections for trt like there is for vaccines.


Since clinics are the prefered, can i ask, whats yawls take on a doc like this?


This is who i see right now. Is he a joke?, is he legit?


“a board-certified urologist specializing in male fertility and men’s health. He treats men with sexual dysfunction including low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease. He also treats male infertility including men with ejaculatory disorder, hormone imbalance, sperm production impairment, cancer, and genetic causes of infertility.”

He likely has significant experience treating low testosterone.


Ok cool and thank you for echoing that. It helps me understamd what to look for in a doctor now. I cant even begin to afford private non insurance care. :confused:


Question, any reason why clomid doesnt raise psa all that much? Mine has been a constant for 5 years now. Not that i want it to raise but im wondering if clomid could be masking psa. Wouldnt want a cancer to remain hidden latter. My e2 is generally around 15.


Am also treated by a urologist in NY.


Dr can monitor prostate size the old fashioned way as well blood labs. With a finger.


I just had a conversation with my doctor over the phone just now and I asked the question of whether not they let people stay on TRT when dealing with prostate issues. And according to him it is standard policy to take TRT out of the equation while dealing with prostate issues. So basically if I develop any kind of prostate cancer I get to feel like shit while it’s treated until the prostate cancer is gone before I can get back on it. That’s something I don’t really understand because there’s emerging research out there showing that you can be on TRT when treating non metastasized prostate cancer.


Is this something you are worried about?

Does it run in the family? Have you had your PSA levels checked already and are high risk for cancer? Wondering why you’d even bring that up when discussing TRT with your doctor?


My psa is 0.5. Needle hasn’t moved past that in 5 years.
My grandfather on my dads side got prostate cancer at age 66. No one else though.

My dads is 62 with PSA at 2.4

Theres a genetic test im gonna try thats supposed to be accurate in determining future likely hood of prostate cancer.

I tell you I’m really struggling with starting a medication that would permanently shut down my system in the next 20 years. It scares the shit out of me because if they take you off TRT during prostate treatment, your levels are essentially zeroed out. It seems so barbaric especially in the same situation where they don’t put you on androgens suppression therapy but still treat the cancer. I don’t understand what a normal man’s testosterone is different from someone taking trt in the same scenario.


Lots of men have prostate cancer, I don’t see doctors driving testosterone to zero in men who do not have low testosterone ~ Abraham Morgentaler.


Im not even sure what hes implying. I just know my doctor does with his patience. :/. Obviously ill need to find another doctor.


As someone who recently had a family member with prostate cancer he was on drugs to crash his T.


That doesn’t make a lot of sense.


You are correct. And thats what my doctor told me yesterday. I was VERY specific with him. I asked “if the cancer is small, medium and super early, why cant i stay on trt?” His answer “its our policy according to the (cant remember the name) rules”. I was like, wtf? So, you cure cancer, yay hes alive, but hes fucking miserable??. Wtf. :frowning:

This video says it all.


So the NEW doctors who keep up with research etc are starting to change things like Morgentaler. But of course it is glacially slow…they are the very bleeding edge of treatment.


I guess i can only “hope” if my time comes in 15-25 years that perceptions will have changed enough.


More data being ignored.