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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


Excellent news, hope it only gets better for you!


With SHBG lowering, wouldnt raising the weekly dose counteract that?


Raising the weekly dose would continue to lower shbg I believe.


Ah so lowering weekly dose is answer?

Does SHBG finally just deplete?

Hmm. Intersting. Google search shows high is bad. So the decrease is good right?

Also, do you guys mostly see urologist? Or something else? I found out theres these trt performance places near where i live. Are those better?


SHBG will somewhat dictate how often you’ll want to inject. If you have a low SHBG and you inject a large amount infrequently, your body will basically just excrete the test quickly, as there is no SHBG for it to grab onto and be transported.

Last blood tests I had, my SHBG was 23, so I decided to switch to an EOD protocol. I just had new bloods taken last Monday, so it will be interesting to see how my SHBG (and other items) respond to EOD injections.

I get my trt through my general practitioner. He is also a client (I’m his lawyer) so we already have a good relationship and he allows me 150mg of test a week to do with what I want. I NEVER come close to using the 150mg, so I have a stock pile sitting around.


SHBG levels are somewhat a double edged sword, cutting both ways. Keep in mind it fluctuates, sometime wildly. High is not good because it ties up too much testosterone. This is how a guy with 800ng/dL total and 78pg/mL free can have low test symptoms while a guy with 500 total and 125 free will feel better than him. The guy with lower SHBG can get away with less total testosterone.

One the other hand, the guy with low SHBG will have more trouble adjusting to TRT dosing if he needs it. As noted above, increased injection frequency is often needed. While high is “bad”, if you need TRT you’ll likely be fine with less frequent, once a week, dosing. At least at first. As SHBG drops, you may find yourself noticing a drop-off between injections and need to move to every three to five days.

I think the every day injection is overkill, but guys that do it report it’s better for them. Not sure there is any harm in it though there is an argument that we want our levels to fluctuate some because, guess what, they do naturally.

SHBG does not go away or deplete, it will usually drop gradually and stabilize. I’ve been taking 200mg/week for over five years. My SHBG runs in the mid 20s. Last lab test had me at 902 total (250-1100) and 220 free (35-155). Yeah, that is at trough, so I’m probably pretty high on day one and two after injection. I feel very good all week and this is what has been working for me.

Most doing TRT do so through a urologist. I would say most here on this site use a TRT practice that pretty much specializes in hormone optimization. Guys here have had less than ideal experiences with PCPs, uros and endos so they start looking outside the box, and that may mean getting on the internet in search of solutions.

I believe you would be happier with a TRT clinic. If you look around at older men, and younger ones for that matter, but especially older, you can often tell who is on testosterone. They are not fat, they look in shape, have some muscular bulk to them, and really just look healthier overall. I’d ask around and find a local practice recommended by others. More and more guys are willing to talk about TRT.


I did some call rounds with a few local clinics here. They dont take insurance. :confused:

Do urologists just not know anything about level dose managmrnt in general? Both of mine push trt at every visit.

I must say IM is sounding worse and worse to me. I wish subq could be done weekly. Thatd be super nice i think.


I prefer IM over subq. Subq always left me with a little soreness in the area.

I do a 30g, 1/2 insulin needle into my quad EOD. The needle is so small it’s painless. And I bet there is zero (or very little) scaring.


Id be suprised that gets into muscle on an overweight guy like myself.


Well if it doesn’t, it’s pretty much subq then, isnt’ it?


I guess so yeah. Ugh needles freak me out. :frowning:

I guess you get used to the EOD stabbings. :confused:


It really becomes a non issue after a while. Yes, in the beginning you are nervous and shaky and it doesnt always go well but it definitely gets better.

This is where I pin. For me, its much less blood vessels, less nerves, and more control since I can stand and relieve the pressure on my leg:


Didnt even know you can inject in the front.

Im thinking ill prolly do weekly clinc injections first. Ride that as long as i can until i need to go to twice a week in which case obviously I’ll have to do that on my own and by then hopefully I’ll just be used to it and wont give a shit LOL.

Im married, i dont need my ass to look a cerain way anymore lol.

Sounds like a lot of you who are benefiting from it feels so damn good that a tiny prick in your body and every other day or every three day basis really doesn’t bother you whatsoever. Honestly that must be an incredible feeling.

I know everybody’s body chemistry is different. So asking this question might be irrelevant. In the back of my mind I’m just kind of wondering what the typical duration and time that it usually takes for your body to shut down to the point that you could never go back on a SARM?


That’s the exact spot I inject too. Easy to see any veins and painless using 29g insulin rig… Personally I sit down and put out straight so I can completely relax the muscle.

I also get the wife to play nurse and pin me in the delts now and again. Which is also pretty painless.

I also found hip area painless for SQ/IM pins. (V-glute)


How often do you pin @studhammer?


I pin Sundays and Wednesdays. Usually in the mornings. Like you my wife pins me when she can, but always in the glutes. Makes things so much better.


Twice a week then… I just switched to E3D from EOD to see if it made any difference. When I was on EOD injections at a higher dose than I am now my SHBG was in the low 20’s. But since I drop my dose down it rose to 37 last time I tested. So wanted to see if I could get away with one less injection a week.

Funny I think my wife actually enjoys doing the injections!


My wife does. She’s gotten quite proficient at them too. She plays around a little too.


Ive been a blood/platelet donor since I was 17 so got over my fear quickly at a young age. I am 47 now and starting injections was a little different…I drank bourbon the first night to calm me down. I do SQ now and its much more comfortable with the 30g needles. Though I did get used to the quad IM pretty quickly with 27g 1.5" needles.


With your subq, do you inject in the belly?


Yep. An inch or two to the left or right of the button.