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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


The 18 gauge syringes my clueless doctor prescribed me, more like nails. It doesn’t sound like your doctor has any sort of clue, the majority are clueless when it comes to TRT.

it sounds like your doctor wants to try something without knowing whether or not it will work, proper testing is done first and a protocol is designed around your blood biomarkers.


My SHBG btw is 54

Is 1 week injections always gonna be the “harpoon”?


Twice weekly is a sure bet, levels will be more stable than once weekly. See if your doctor will prescribe you 29 gauge insulin syringes and you can inject in your shoulders and quads twice a week or if you prefer the harpoons once a week…


why cant 1 a week be done with the 29?


The idea here (as much as I get it) is that deep intra-muscular injection necessitates a 1-1.5" long needle. At that length, 29G (very thin) would easily bend or break, so those are probably not even manufactured/sold. However, here’s the thing! I have experience with doing shallow IM injections (thigh, delts, biceps, anywhere where there’s not much fat) as well as sub-cutaneous injections with 29G. They work. If you’re using (for example) 200 mg/ml Test Cyp, and your weekly dose is 100 mg, that works out as 0.5 ml/week. That volume can be injected either way with a 29G.
Now twice/week would be even better for reasons explained before. Believe me when I tell you, you can hardly feel a 29G needle, especially going the Sub-Q way.


Must be fun to be you, getting all these varying opinions. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. There is no one size fits all for TRT.
  2. You are afraid of needles.
  3. Your SHBG is 54, i.e. not low. Because of that, you may be fine with a once weekly protocol. Try it, you can always split up the dosing later.
  4. It may take a few months to get it all figured out.

Good luck.


Im on clomid. Is that why SHBG is 54?

Also im not self injecting right away. Will be doing doc visit administered injections first.

Subq sounds awesome honestly. Id do 1 a week if that were possible? Ive had that for something else.
Just curious, the low between injections, what does that feel like? When i miss a clomid pill i feel sensetive antagonstic stress. Like any mild argument feels like the biggest blowout ever. I feel paranoid anxiety all that crap. And that’s just missing one day.


I inject 40mg EOD sub q with a 30 gauge, 1/2 .5ml insulin syringe 1.5 inches or so alternating on the right and left of my belly button.

Sometimes there is a little pinch feeling, but most of the time, 0 pain. You’ll get used to it, and once you start feeling awesome, you will be excited for injection day… Because you know that you will soon start feeling better.

For me, I can usually tell something’s happening about 12-16 hours after my injection. I don’t know exactly if it’s the esters starting to be cleaved off the T and pure T starting to be distributed into my body, some T being converted to E and making me feel better or a combination of both… All I know is I feel a great sense of well being all over my body, have lots of energy and don’t hesitate to do or say anything I want to.

I started with a prescibed does of 50mg twice a week and when that wasnt providing relief, dr upped to 60mg twice a week. I took it upon myself to move to EOD, told my doc about it and he was fine with it as long as I was feeling good and didn’t have signs of gyno. I vary my dose some, which equates to 140mg a week, because I feel better higher…but prescribed dose is 60mg twice a week.

One year later and I don’t regret it one bit.


It does increase SHBG in some guys.


When I start a new protocol, I feel as you described within 10 minutes after an injection. Some say it’s a placebo effect, I know it’s not as erections, energy and calm roll over me. Maybe we are just sensitive to androgens, I’m only on 7mg daily and feel wonderful.


Easy now @systemlord :lol:


You went to ED injections? How did I not know?

No hijacking this thread, but how is it comparing to EOD?


That’s amazing. Un-scientific, but I wonder if part of the onset of relief is the difference between your SHBG and mine of 31.

I had my shot last night around 10pm and I literally feel like a million bucks right now. I have a desk job where I type a lot… I feel like I’m wearing my keyboard out today with the pace in which I’m typing.


Im abit out of shape. 30 over weight. A gut but nothing massive. Im 207 5’9. Would a subq needle still work with that gut size?


Life altering, definitely feel much better and strangely sleep is already improving and am seeing improvements sooner in the protocol.


Are you IM or subq?


Wow, that ED switch along with no more cottonseed oil really worked out… Defy recommended switching EOD to ED for me since I was experiencing ups and downs. I’m holding off until I can see how everything is working at 8 weeks.


Can SHBG go down when starting TRT?


Yes, and typically, it does. Decreasing SHBG is, in part, the reason some who start with once weekly injections will increase injection frequency down the road.


That’s just it, I no longer feel the ups and downs after switching things up. I may get a little aggressive at times but nothing major.

DR. Saya is the one who suggested I may be allergic to cottonseed oil. I can only imagine how long that could have gone on for if I wasn’t with Defy. Years probably.