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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


Thats just retarded. FDA should be driven by large study fact, not wishful thinking.


Wanna run something by you guys. See what you think. > A little backstory. In 2012 I was diagnosed with unexplained iron deficiency anemia. I underwent all the tests one could do with the exception of a bone marrow biopsy. (Hell fucking no I will never do that) had Colonoscopy, endoscopy, meckel scan, contrast dye CAT scan, the list kind of goes on anon and every single one of them came back normal.

2014-was diagnosed extremely low testosterone. Clomid since.

  1. Will trt have any impact on this type of unexplained anemia?


I asked my hemotologist (whos been managing my anemia) if TRT would fix my iron deficiency anemia. His responce below.

" Yes, extra red blood cells fixes anemia. But there are many things that are involved in red cell production:

  • signal from your body to make red cells: this is usually a hormone called EPO. It is made by kidneys when they detect low red cells. It binds to a receptor on red-cell precursors to tell them to grow/divide. I think testosterone also acts along this pathways.
  • raw materials: these are things like iron and vitamin B12. If your body does not have sufficient amounts, no matter how much EPO or testosterone you have, you won’t make red cells.

So basically, we just have to monitor both. Testosterone won’t fix iron deficiency. But when somebody is not iron deficient it can cause them to make more red cells."



I had severe symptoms of anemia when I was diagnosed with low T (Total T=120), no longer now that I’m on TRT.


Mr Lord, may i ask, was there a bleed? The problem i face is iron Deficiency.


Omg dr john crisler is dead.