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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


This happens to me when me E2 shoots up. I usually use an AI but next round of higher dosing I am going to wait it out and see what happens.


Where can I read about both of y’all’s protocols?


I asked my doctor about taking Clomid with TRT. He said I couldn’t do it. It’s weird how I’m reading about success stories here with that protocol and yet my doctor says it can’t be done.


Well I just finished a 12 week blast but right now I’m back down to 250/test/week divided into 2 shots. 20 mg of nolva to address some lumps I got during the blast and I take 20 mg cialis on shot days.


So, a blast, is that where builders take higher human scary levels of T?


Depends on your definition of scary. But really, its just a bump in your dose for a fixed period of time to help you achieve some goals. We may add other compounds to achieve certain desired effects.

You can read my thread here:


Damn and your doing this in your 50s? So goddamn impressive how the body can be ilater in life.


Doing injection research. Watched crislers awesome vid. One thing i notced was he does aspirate. Is that unessisary with subq?


Also, One more question. Getting on TRT, is the occasional crash to be expected? I mean does that happen sort of somewhat rarely throughout the entire lifespan of actually taking to your trt?


Not if you keep your shots/doses consistent.


I’m currently on 55-62.5mg twice per week (110-125mg weekly) and the last time I had issue with ejac I had upped my protocol to 180mg per week (90x2) which is where I feel best. I have bloods coming up next week so have reduced my protocol for the time being to make doctors happy and keep my script.


Wait, I’m a little confused.… Shouldn’t the doctor go off how you feel rather than numbers?


Most docs under the “guidance” of the insurance companies can’t keep your levels above standard ranges (which yes is bullshit since the ranges recently dropped among other reasons) so to keep my script I have to make my docs happy at lab time.


Whats the general timing buffer with dose pinning? Say i pin every friday at 5pm and i miss it by a few hours (for whatever conflict), will most people feel that??


If I may answer as well, my Friday dose is technically around 10:30am but have gone so far as 4pm without noticing anything. My Monday dose at 10:30pm I have forgotten about twice and done the shot first thing in the AM and never noticed anything.


Shit thats good. For me i notice the lack of clomid a day after missing a pill. Usually im bitchn like a bitch. Lol


Not from my experience. The half life to Test is roughly 7 days. You are pinning at 1/4 life if going twice a week. So you have a lot of leeway


Thats really really good. I was thinking of doing the split 40/60 each week so i can do them monday and thursday nights. But prolly better to keep it evenly dosed.


Doing more research. Its interesting, all the “warnings” say trt “can” cause polycythemia but i cant find a single recorded case. Same with heart attack.



The warnings are generated by association, not causation.