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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


can you provide me with the link where you buy from?


try GPZ Medical


But following the link he put up this picture does not match the description, “Monoject Ultra Comfort U-100 Insulin Syringes - Short Needle - 30 Gauge 1/2cc 5/16inch (8 mm) needle, 100 single use syringes. For 50 units or less.”



Ok I am able to find these, but don’t see 20 guage that with fit?

1cc - 30 G x .5 Luer-Lock syringe with needle . Syringe & Needle Combo (50pk)


This conversion literally makes no sence to me. Anyone know a good reference table?


I bought the combo pack for the 20g (luer lock) with the syringes: https://westendmedicalsupplies.com/collections/20-gauge-needle-syringe/products/1cc-20-g-x-1-1-2-luer-lok-syringe-with-needle-syringe-needle-combo-50pk

And then bought the 30g (luer lock) separately. Looks like they are out of stock of these right now.


Man you really love harpoon huh. :stuck_out_tongue:


For that syringe i listed above, would 75-100 cypianate fit?


20g to fill and 30g to inject.


Seriously? 100 units equals 1 milliliter. How hard is that?

I’ve been nursing you thru this thread for weeks now. I think you lack basic comprehension and have no business taking steroids.


im sorry. Im not great at math. Plus my head is foggy right now. This isn’t a steriod thread though. Im only concerned with TRT. Im not a deca junky. Nor am i going to take trt for athletic gain. Its for 2ndary hypogonadism. Not junky body building. Sorry. :/. Needles are like a guillotine to me. Fucking hard to look at. Iv never been great at volumes. Shit just doesnt register to me unless im looking at a table.

I do very much appreciate everyones advise. Please dont think i dont hold your feedback in highest regard.

So under hammers logic, even with a medical need, i should aviod TRT???


If im injecting 75mg then in the syringe vial thats .075 units right?? Or is that 75 units?


Only if its 100mg/1ml. If it is 200mg/1ml then .375ml would be 75mg. So based on this you would need a syringe larger than .5ml if you are injecting 100mg/1ml testosterone. If you are injecting 200mg/1ml testosterone then the .5ml syringes you posted about would work.


Thank you. That answers my question.

To hammer… i shoulda been clearer. Sorry man.


Sorry I got frustrated and took it out on you. TRT is serious business. You gotta know what you’re doing. Otherwise you fuck your self up.

You need to understand the difference between volume and concentration. Ok?


Well I just had to get it straight in my head so that when my urologist tweaks my levels that I would be able to split the total weekly dose into two correctly and translate that into the syringe volume


I have to be on TRT or Clomid regardless. But my doctor say that I’ll get more accurate feel good results out of TRT so I’m trying that of course. Without either one,… my base levels go down to 120

I’m planning on just following my doctors recommended dosing unless he goes to high in which case something else is wrong.


REAding alot, on searches in this forum, about decreased ejaculate volume on TRT. Is this common?


My wife doesnt seem to think so. Always bitches about giving head due to the loads