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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


Nolvadex is tamoxifen which is a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator). Gotta do your homework brother. Google is your friend


Im on clomid


Are you on test yet or waiting on your doc? Either way, I would urge to get on Tamoxifen and stop the clomid when you start test


I didn’t know you could do a serm with test. Yeah I’m trying to get a sooner appointment than the coming appointment in April to get on the ship quickly

  1. How would you guys describe the mental abities? Anything like the movie Limitless?

  2. Would these work for subq? (Im gonna get all my stuff ready)


I have those syringe too. But order from another website.
I would not recommend if you have super big hands.


I could see large hands being a prob lol. Im tom cruise short so, so worries there lol.

Thankfully amazon has them.


Are they .5 ml? Or are they 1 ml? Obv .5ml won’t work for a dose over 50mg of 100mg/1ml Test or 100mg of 200mg/1ml Test.


Ill have to ask my doctor. These are half inch i think. 8mm. I wish there was a chart for what dose each can take. Could those monoinjects i linked above handle 75?


just saw this now. Anyway apidocyte apoptosis actually can occur, the body loses a good portion of its fat cells yearly, only issue is these apidocytes tend to get replaced thus when one loses weight it’s true that fat cells tend to just shrink down (although it isn’t to say you can’t lose ANY fat cells from losing weight and keeping it off for a very prolonged period of time)

I’m actually unsure as to how the aromatise activity decreases however I’d hypothesize it has something to do with this (below)

When one is very fat, fat cells become very enlarged and inflamed thus the increased size of the fat cell may contribute to the higher level of activity from aromatase)


I have no actual knowledge but can tell you I started TRT with SHBG of 89, 150mg split twice a week. First bloods and SHBG had come down to 54. Since then I’v upped to 200mg a week split e3d, still waiting on second bloods. No sides at all other than one small spot on my back the other night.



What syringe do you use?


Ah, zit haha

I pin sub q using 1ml, 26g, 1/2inch insulin needles anywhere either side of the belly button to my sides.


R u guys indicating a 31 gauge 5/16 cant handle say 75-100 an injection of Cypionate?


I was just concerned with the actual volume of the syringe. I use a 1cc/1ml syringe with a 30g needle and it works just fine. I draw with a 20g and then swap them out.


Im hoping to “start” with 150 weekly. I do hope 31 gauge can handle 75.


Its the ml of the syringe not the gauge of the needle. unless you are talking about the thickness going through the needle, I use 30s and its fine.


So with the volume metrics they hold, its in the same metrics as the cypianate bottle? 100ml?


That is a 1 ml syringe. Fill to 100 for 1 ml…50 for 0.5 ml, etc.


Your vial is likely 10 ml. What is your concentration? Most are 200mg/ml or 250 mg/ml