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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


I don’t have that answer. I can try to find something out there but if you find it first please let me know.


Been trying for a while, apparently my google-fu isn’t as strong as I thought.


Our resident baby genius @unreal24278 may know this.


On ball size:

My gf knows nothing of my TRT at this point. Maybe at a later date. However, she has commented on my “perky” balls. She claims all the balls she’s seen hang low and are gross. She LIKES the way mine look… not all saggy and loose.


This seems appropriate now.


Soooo??? :slight_smile: lol


Once you get on your protocol it will take a while to feel something but pretty soon you will start noticing that you feel like your old self and then confidence comes back and libido will get really good and you will realize how shitty you felt before


Gotcha. Ok. I mean. Clomids got me at 500. I just didn’t know if going onto TRT direct would fluctuate the numbers by dipping it below that or something initially and then start rising again. Like hitting a reset button Like I feel OK now but I feel shitty then I feel OK again.


No, you shouldn’t see any dips. But you have to do the protocol the correct way with at least shots every 3.5 days and be cognizant of any estrogen related issues like nipple tenderness or lumps. You may also see an increase in body hair and more activity in your sebaceous glands resulting in oilier skin. Some guys reporting sweating more at night too.

As far as you Test numbers, shoot for high optimal. I feel great over 800 and I feel fucking fantastic over 1100. LOL


Yeah I remember clomid gave me the sweats the first few days too. With clomid i never encountered those estrogen effects. I wonder if trt will follow suit.


Is pinning every 3.5 days safe with such a starting high of sbhg? Mine is 54.


Everybody is different. Read up on @systemlord’s posts. Pretty sure he advocates single big doses every 10 days or something


You’re SHBG binds up estrogen keeping free estrogen lower or your liver clears out estrogen quickly, I envy you. I can’t remember anyone not having estrogen sides on clomid.

An every 3.5 days protocol is a sure winner, it’s very rare a high SHBG guy needs once injection protocol unless SHBG is insanely high (150-200).


Pinning once a week is something to keep in the war chest though. Everyone responds differently, so its good to at least keep that in mind.

I tried it, and I felt the dip about 3 days before my shot. So I went back to twice a week.


Oh and when he brings up BPH you can give him this one:
“While packet warnings still remain, and there is no high-level evidence to support either position, patients should be warned regarding potential worsening of LUTS if treated with testosterone. Despite this, there is emerging evidence that testosterone plays an important part in the role of treating BPH/LUTS in the aging male.”


Wait, describe the nipple discomfort? Like, occasionally I feel the nipples protruding out word and are sort of sensitive on the tip when it gets cold But never uncomfortable. Is that what you mean?


Tenderness to the touch, small lumps underneath is what I experience


Like if you had to visualize it it probably looked like cottage cheese right?


no, more like a single pea sized lump under my right nipple. I had them during my recent blast and I bumped up my nolva to 40 mg/day and they are reducing as we speak.


Dunno what nolva is. :confused: