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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


How old were you when you started?




Insurance paid for typical test cypionate at 100% but that was 10 years ago. I switched to the bio identical test and was paying about $125 for a vial that lasted 6 weeks. That’s 52/6 * $125 or $1083 per year out of pocket, but a FSA helps with that. (Pins were negligible cost.)

The anastrozole was paid for by insurance. The optional HcGH was not, but added about $300 per year.

The pellets are $350 per dose, plus $250 for the implantation every 6 months. That’s $1200 per year. Anastrozole is covered by insurance still, but I dropped the HcGH since I’m old enough to not worry about fertility anymore.

The two are pretty comparable when you do the arithmetic, but the test cyp through insurance is by far the best deal.


Thanks, was that an aqueous testosterone?


No, it was still oil based. It came from a compounding pharmacy. For some reason I think it was sesame oil but I could be wrong.


Reading up on this old news regarding dr crislers heart attack. What caused his heart attack? It doesnt seem to be clear.


I remember his comment about it in one of his videos which I’ve seen all of them and there was never any mention of why it occurred.

He did mention he doesn’t know why it happened and was in the gym the very next day running on the treadmill as if it never happened.

How many heart attack sufferers have you known who were in the gym the very next day as if nothing happened?

Most men who have taken months or years to fully recover after a heart attack, most men aren’t on TRT either. Dr. Crisler’s experience is a testament to TRT and it’s important later in life and for those who experience low testosterone earlier in life.


Its the elephant in the room thats bothering me i think. “Hes on trt and had a heart attack”. Makes me wonder if its trts fault. :confused: Especially when TRT is supposed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. What I’m reading says that his medical training saved him because he administered CPR to himself. It doesn’t state anywhere that TRT saved him. It’s described as a “massive heart attack” which means that if he didn’t do what he did he would’ve died.

How long has he been on TRT?


We know heart attacks happen to men who have had low testosterone for a long time, people have heart attacks all the time and is common. There’s nothing to suggest TRT causes heart attacks, if it was true we would see an increase in the number of heart attacks in men on TRT and that’s not what we are seeing.

We see men go on TRT and their health improves dramatically.


Did you mean “If” it?


Ya obviously he did


Shit i hope so lol


Question. Gong straight from clomid cold turkey directly into injections, will there be any weird mood fluctuations? My urologist told me injecting twice a week is best so might start with that. A shame i cant keep taking clomid with injections. Keep the boys from shribking instead if taking hcg. My doc seens to think ill not notice any dip since levels are low end of nornal anyways. Wil also help me prepare with work judt incase i accedently bite off some heads or sacrific kittens.


There’s no guarantee that your nuts will shrink. Mine didn’t. And my wife is WAY more interested in my responsiveness to her than about my ball size. This whole forum is scared to death of testicular atrophy and its just not as common or a big deal as we guys make it out to be.


Yeah, I don’t think I lost any size either. Nothing noticeable anyway and my wife def hasn’t noticed anything.


I know. I get this feeling that all of T-Nation is going around and tea-bagging their wives and girlfriends :joy: and they’re afraid somebody is going to whip out a tape measure!! LOL


Do you have any sources on this? I’d love to have some to bring to my PCP who is staunchly against TRT and has actually chastised me for being on it (yes, I need a new PCP).




Thanks man! I had another question I’ve been trying to get answered, you’re usually well read on these subjects so maybe you could help me out.

“It sounds like when you lose weight your actually fat cells don’t disappear, they only shrink down. But when you “lose” fat it appears that the action of aromatase decreases. So does the aromatase enzyme get removed from from the fat cell and flushed out upon losing weight or is it inactivated somehow?”


Man, this made me LOL so bad! :laughing:

BTW, after a year of TRT with my first blast soon coming to its end, no significant atrophy here either.