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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


I think you are just scared for no good reason. TRT has been used to treat men with hypogonadism for many years. It increases energy and libido levels. It increases bone density and muscle strength. Perhaps the only things you should be scared of are side effects such as the possibility of prostate cancer, polycythemia, worsening benign prostatic hyperplasia apnea etc.


TRT does not cause prostate cancer. Progressive doctors are actually using T to treat it.


TRT does not cause polycythemia either.


I dont think prostate will be an issue. It is in my family with my grandfather being the only one ever getting it (both sides of the family combined). Weirdly enough my dad has a 2.4 PSA and he’s 62, no diagnosis or concern of cancer. Though his testosterone is in the 200s so I’m not really sure what that implies. But, he is the same age that his dad, my grandfather, got stage 4 prostate cancer.

But the way I’m looking at it now is even if I get it, I’ll treat it whether or not I stay on TRT or not but regardless of the outcome I’ll definitely be going back on TRT afterwards. I guess the beauty of testosterone is the frequent prostate examination’s and checks yearly. I’m pretty certain I’ll catch that shit early.

The hemoglobin and Hematocrit thing, honestly as long as that’s a treatable manageable thing through dosage lowering or giving blood, I really don’t give a shit. The most important thing to me is staying on testosterone


I have been wondering though Whether or not testosterone shorten or lengthen his life spans?




What does amount every day?


Interesting. I wonder what the dose was.


Not directly studying lifespan, but indirectly.


Cardiovascular effects:



However, none of the individual prostate-related adverse events significantly differed between groups, including incident prostate cancer, which showed no difference between the TRT group and placebo.34 In 2016, Boyle et al. reported results of a meta-analysis on prostate cancer in TRT trials. They concluded that TRT for hypogonadism does not appear to increase PSA or the risk of prostate cancer. The summary relative risk of prostate cancer in TRT patients was 0.87 (95% CI, 0.30–2.50).35


Yeah sorry bout that. I tried to delete the post but it seems to give like a 24 hour period For some reason


THIS reads like a novel. So good



Same for me but what’s weird is the following. I started two weeks ago. Same day of injection 1 I felt better immediately and the day after… I either got used to it or I need more, because the second injection 3 days ago I felt the same right after injection but it isn’t working as well compared to week 1. How long did it take for you to feel that strong feeling and not my so subtle feeling of ahhh it’s better…

I used to hate waking up. Had zero energy and was always in a bad mood. Lately I’m much more positive and etc. however I don’t have that overwhelming feeling of ooooo ahhhhh relief…

Obviously it takes time but I remember when I took cypionate 7-8 years ago and within 2 days I had that overwhelming feeling of well being and some type of buz… I only took on injection and stopped because I knew I’d keep doing it’s now I’m 40 and I’m low :confused:


You will feel fluctuations for 6 weeks after starting TRT or you change your dosage forcing the body to go through another 6 weeks until levels are stable again.

It will take 6-12 months to see major changes in body comp, muscle growth etc.


Thank you for the straight forward answer that’s what I was looking for. I feel better anyways so I’ll be patient thank you.


I’ve been on TRT for about 18 years. About a year ago I switched from injections to implants. Every 6 months I go into the doc and she implants a set of pellets in my hip. They slowly dissolve over 6 months and give a steady release of T. She prefers this approach to periodic injections. Insurance does not cover it, but it works pretty damn well in my opinion.

BTW, to answer the much earlier question, yes, TRT will change your life for the better.


Did insurance cover injections? What was the yearly cost of injections vs the pellets?


Yah so how much out of pocket. I’d be worried if they could release to quick or if I had an accident n crushed them what would happen.

First person I’ve heard from that has been on T for two decades . This was my biggest question and it sounds like it works over decades. I’m 40 and was curious what will happen at 70 if I live that long.:slight_smile: