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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


18 gauge in the glutes your crazy. I’d be terrified to inject that thing in me. I used to use 21 guage and thought that was a cannon, recently switched by shit luck from the pharmacy being out of stock.
My choice now 25 gauge 1.5 inch in ther glutes. Takes abit longer but you don’t even feel it going in.


I never even mentioned 18 gauge. :o


you can find cheap name brand syringes and needles online


Can you do 30 gauge with half inch needle on a moderatly over weight person? Like in the belly or leg or arm?


If you are asking if its possible, yes. I do 30 gauge 5/8" needle into belly fat. Usually 1-2"s to the left or right of belly button.


Yeah i have a flabby belly gut. Not potbelly though. Im 5,9 195lbs. I just wasnt sure if too small wouldnt get in enough or something like that. Ha, not that i want bigger. Id go needless jet injection if they made that. :confused:


The 30 is so god damned small dude. You barley feel it if at all. It is a very unimposing needle.


@so_it_goes sorry buddy it looks like I was reading to many posts at once and got my thoughts all messed up. I apologize.


No probs, bud. Happens to the best of us. :wink:
(Geeez, even the thought of a 18-gauge needle hurt :smile: )


I use a 31 gauge, subQ, anywhere I choose. Usually belly or shoulder pad just for kicks, don’t feel a thing:


I see this constantly. Then I see the opposite. I wonder if it’s an treatment difference per study. Just seems to be all over the place.


It is frustrating. Read everything you can and listen to everyone and anything reasonable. In the end, you have to go with what makes sense to you.


Honestly i can live with it as long as theres ways to treat it while staying on TRT. i just want to be as optimized as possible. Watching alot of Jay Campbell lately. Man this guy is great. I had an email conversation with him last week. Hes opening a TOT clinic in LA.


He has an upcoming podcast with Neal Rouzier, I think.


I wish hed interview andrew marr more in depth with his weekly protocol. Just watched the 2016 interview and it seemed to not really dig too much into it. :confused:


What’s the best injection protocol for a more managed hct score?


when i swticted to IM and upped dose by 10 mg my hct went up to close 49 from 46. after 8-10 weeks it leveled out again back to 45-46. note it took longer than 6 weeks.


Are you saying that subcutaneous increases hematocrit more?


Do you know how much 600pmol/L is converted to ng/mL? I’m on 10mg subQ daily right now and my Free T is 16.5. I have a SHBG of 16.4. What’s your E2 like at 17mg daily?


no. whether IM or subq for me, it takes a couple of month for hct to stabilize back to normal levels after a protocol change and perhaps method of injection change