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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


But why would im do that to me?

Am thinking if shbg low am absorbing faster and pissing it out faster on IM


Where da poll at, fellahs?! Haven’t had a good poll in a long time and it is an interesting topic to learn how most are pinning. Time for a poll! Isn’t that what we all want?
A good, working… pole!!! :eggplant: LOL


That makes sense. I know the thought is/was that subq test does not absorb, and some very heavy guys need 1.5 inch needles to get it into the muscle. They did not absorb 1 inch injections well, labs proved it. On the other hand, it seems some here do subq and absorb just fine. Labs prove it.


Sure, I’ll weigh in with any ideas.


I have a really low SHGB of 14. I have to pin 17mg SubQ, daily, to get my Free T up to 600 pmol/L.


I’ll think about. Feel very good now though. Hard to imagine feeling better. Think two weeks is enough time? 27g, 0.5 inch needles? Belly? Thigh? Hip?


I was going to go back to subq. Problem solved. but I just started t4 and don’t want to change anything. Plus t4 may raise my shbg.
I’ll see if the clicking continues as excessive as it is I may go back to subq.

But I run on the threadmill inclined and I feel fine. Wtf.


Really really wish there were t tested viable needless jet injections that were proven to work with cyp


Needles don’t bother me. I use small 29 gauge for im. And 30 gauge when I do subq.

Skin on top of legs near hip is practically numb. Find the right spot and you will be fine.


Ha. Im prolly just gonna load the syringe into an auto injector, line it up on my leg or gut and like a scared shitless pussy turn my head close eyes and pull the trigger. I cant even watch nurses put in my IVs.


Damn. I know strong build manly men who faint at a drop of blood.

If you can’t get used to Injections you need another method.


Nah injections will b my way. The other shit is more worrysom with accidental transmission to my wife or daughters.


Yeah. Where do you live. I can do it for you. Lol

For a small fee :joy::joy::joy:


San Diego. North county, oceanside.


To far. East coast. :beach_umbrella:

It would be so awesome to have a friend on trt. Basically only my wife knows. My best friend is about 1 hours away. He knows but we don’t talk about that cause he has no clue about trt


I know the feeling. Been searching for gym groups related to TRT but most of these guys are on some ET grade shit that id never touch. (not a body builder)


Not a body builder either. I just want health and to look good.

But these bodybuilder know their shit. They know diet . They know testosterone. And alot of other stuff


You have to give it minimum 6 weeks perhaps longer.


Interesting fun little Piece of info. I lowered my clomid daily dose last night (thats when i take it) to 12.5 mg. I fill way more alive and energetic today. Super hyper. Its nuts. I get the feeling ill feel even better on trt. Or thats the hope. I watched a cristler video about how he puts guys on 12.5 daily clomid and getting good results. Plus yawl recommended it too.

Still have a mild headach behind the eyes and floaters. Hopfully that will subside.


Has anyone here had testosterone completely solve or cure unexplained iron deficiency anemia?