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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


Could someone possibly explain to me the dose splitting science? Mostly just how it’s calculated. I making a lot of assumptions from what I am reading in the other thread’s I just need to basically confirm. As an example say my doctor prescribes 150 mg a week. Twice a week injections would be 75 mg per shot correct?




Any literature recommendations for this protocol? I love to read.


Unfortunately, none that I know about, all anecdotal. I know a lot of guys on TRT and probably 90% of them do just fine with weekly dosing. My GP does the twice a month protocol, and most of his guys are fine with that. But I suspect some would feel better with once weekly dosing and just go around looking forward to their next injection during week two because they do not know the difference.

I asked him if he tested free test, E2 or SHBG, he doesn’t. Asked him if some guys complain of feeling bad during the second week, mentioning the half life of the testosterone ester, he did not say anything but I could see the wheels turning in his head.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Guys doing great with their TRT are unlikely to be on internet forums looking for solutions to whatever ails them. I think that is why you see so many here with different protocols.


I guess ill just start with 1 a week and if i feel the blues ill do twice.


I think these guy on the forums are more educated on the matter than those who aren’t, I believe that’s why you see us guys on these forums on different protocols than those who aren’t.

We could very well argue that the guys who never have problems with their TRT protocols aren’t coming to these forums because they are injecting two or more times per week. The pendulum swings can both ways.

I think if we take a poll, you would find the majority inject more than once weekly.


Could we start a poll? Is that possible on this site?


Yes !


Probably true, I would bet heavily on it, but why do guys come here? To get educated, likely because they need answers to a problem with their response to TRT.

We could, and the pendulum can swing both ways, but in this case, it didn’t.

Certainly, I agree, that would be a poll among those here. Right?

If we went to a few gyms, a few CrossFit boxes, etc., and polled almost 200 guys on TRT, 85+% inject once a week. How do I know? Did that.


Synthroid has a 1/2 life of 7 days. But you take synthroid daily. I read something recent on why can’t someone take weekly synthroid. The conclusion was you would have to much of ups and downs.
Not sure if you can compare it with testosterone but I want to give you that viewpoint.

Edit. Article says that it was successful doing 1x a week. But drs prefer daily. States Current issued in 2014 by the American Thyroid Association say weekly dosing can be considered if a patient has compliance issues.


Let’s do a poll and only discuss the results obtained here since we can’t link or cross reference members access multiple forums.

If we did this poll 10 years ago the results would have been 200mg every 2 weeks or 200mg once a month. I believe as times goes on we will see more men injecting more frequently than once weekly.


You can’t, it’s about the T3 half life.

However, you guys are almost convincing me to inject daily for a few weeks and see what happens. Wouldn’t be the first time I did an experiment on myself because of something I read here.

Stopping anastrozole and letting E2 run up (thanks @physioLogik) has worked well for me. Will be posting new E2 levels soon.


Not me. 2x max. I actually may try going back to 1x a week.


That would be the truest test of all, I mean talk about going from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Night and day.


Yeah, probably better to do that or every other day before jumping straight to daily.


I have clicking in many joints since I went to im . But I don’t think my e2 is low. It did go down to 20s last check from 30 s though. It’s that why @highpull?
Am taking estradiol numbers Friday.


My E2 ran in the 20s on anastrozole, 40-50 now, depending on the test. Joints feel great, lipid profile significantly improved.


I updated the post about thyroid above. The studies on weekly t4 were actually successful but Drs still leery.


When I get labs help me decide what to do.

Increase dose? If CBC in line.
Go back to sub q?


Yeah, my wife does a bioidentical T3/T4 combo, works great. Seems the way to go over T4 only preparations, or synthetic.