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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


I can tell you when I started anastrozole, my testosterone had been in a stable state for more than 6 weeks and when I took the anastrozole, I could feel my estrogen swinging day to day because you have to allow time for anastrozole to also reach a stable state.

It’s all about pharmacodynamics.


Well honestly that’s reassuring. That implies that eventually it settles down. I really hate that they make the pills so fucking small :confused:


Compounding pharmacies can make anything. Instead of a very small tablet, see if you can get a small dose in a capsule.




Even is this study was true, I’m not going to spend my life with low testosterone just to have a 20% less chance of getting prostate cancer. All the other studies show men with lower testosterone are more likely to get prostate cancer.

The study also found those low testosterone men were 65 percent more likely to have an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

I’m calling BS on this study, they clearly do not have the full picture because they can’t explain why 65% of men with low testosterone have a more aggressive form of cancer.

If prostate cancer runs in the family, it’s in the genes. Testosterone doesn’t “cause” prostate cancer. Doctors will cling to these studies of half truths out of fear.

The real cancer here is the idea that TRT causes prostate cancer, I can see a doctor reading this study and coming to the conclusion TRT causes prostate cancer and before you know it he’s telling his patients TRT causes prostate cancer.

Then you have studies coming out showing no increased occurrence of prostate cancer in men who are on TRT or are on TRT and have prostate cancer and show no further progression of the disease and some show prostate cancer is in remission.

You take 10 doctors and have them read this study, they’re all going to come to different conclusions, this is why I prefer evidence based medicine. Humans are too easily mislead once fear sets in, rational behavior goes out the window.


Im with you 100%. I feel same way. It does have one interesting discovery though. That 20% if they develop cancer they have a 65% chance of getting the aggressive big boy.

For me, i could give 2 shits about prostate cancer. Dont really care about gettjbg it. I just want a doctor that would be willing to keep me on trt during treatment just as if i had normal natural levels. Their notion of immediate cessation of trt in the oresence of srage 1-2 is ludacrus. Does more harm than the cancer does.


Doctors dont want to get sued i guess. I told my doc “in thr event i ever get Pa??? Ill sign a legal waver keeping me and damily from suing you if this goes south” gimme my T. NOW dickhead. Lol


Thats the scary part, it claims its from scientific evedentuary research.


But damn i LOVE articals like this.

“TRT recipients in the highest tertile of testosterone exposure had a significant 40% decreased risk of a PCa diagnosis compared with control”


Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

If you torture numbers long enough, they’ll confess to anything.


How long have you guys been on trt? Been watching jay cambell, rogan and marr alot. There storys always interesting.


Five years TRT.


I take it its been a perfect experience? No having to donate blood to stave off heart issues?


Pretty much, I guess. I have not experienced some of the problems mentioned here most often, such as high or low E2, sexual issues, etc. I feel good throughout the week. Lost 15-20lbs fat, gained 10-15lbs of muscle. I eat well and have always trained, though I suppose it is more exercise now, not training. Wife is on BHRT as well and it has been great for us

You may find this interesting.


That was excellent. If I may ask, how old are you?


Anyone ever do this? Im one of those pussys afraid of needles. :confused:


I used to give injections to many of my training partners. For some, I would slap them so they would feel the sting of the slap and not the needle. One guy, right after I slapped him yelled, “stop, stop, stop”. I asked him what was wrong, it seems he could see my shadow standing over him with my arm, syringe in hand, posed to stick. He needed to start over and cover his eyes………


When mustering the scrotal appendages to eventually self inject, I would just think about how bad I was going to get my ass beat if I didn’t do it.


LMAO. A shame you dont live in san diego.


Does anyone here live in san diego?