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I'm Scared to Death of TRT


So can you help me understand tbis percentage? Does 1.4% mean of the 4.67? Wish this shit was in ng/dl. :frowning:


Actually, better question. Where should that free t be? Im 39


Your on the low End. What ever the range is you need to be at least mid range.

Also free t should be at least about 2 percen
Total t mid is 5.4
Free t is 145


Is spacing clomid out going to raise that?


It may.
I was doing 25 EOD and my free t was much better. 25 ED is to much man.

You can try that. Some have great success at 12.5 EOD. I even heard 25 e3d or 12.5 e3d. You can always go back up. I think your number will improve if you space out.

With those numbers to I wonder if you have a degree of primary hypogonadism. With that LH ur testes should be maxed out. Maybe all this time the testes got “immune” to the constant high LH. Idk. But def lower dose. Go EOD.

Also it was my Endocrinologist who put me on 25 EOD.


I had my prolactin tested yesterday and the result was 10.1


I don’t have the range but I think that’s good. Mine is slightly high at about 17.


When I first started Clomid my nuts got huge. Like bragging rights huge. Over the last five years it’s totally gone down and they’re probably the size diameter wise of a little over a quarter. $.25 Coin

I’ve been troubleshooting of this with my urologist. I’ll look into getting a endocrinologist that’s up to speed on all of this that takes insurance.


Could Anastrozole be pulling the free t back?


Finding an endocrinologist who’s up to speed on TRT, you’re dreaming. Endocrinologist treat the reference ranges, the mentality for figuring out your specific case was wiped out in medical school.

A doctor that treats the symptoms must spend a lot of time with the patient to figure out his specific case, sick care doctors don’t have much time to spend with you to figure out your case, that’s why they treat the reference ranges because it’s fast and efficient and allows them to see 20 to 30 patients in a day.


Iv notced this actually. I’m still actually shopping around. I’m seeing another urologist on the 18th. Hoping he’s a little more up to speed than the current guy I have.


Urologist are in to prostate, reproductive health and procedures, they typically do not specialize in TRT either. TRT isn’t profitable enough for either one of these types of doctors, it’s why they don’t specialize in it.

These doctors are more likely to prescribe Viagra or Cialis, these two options are quite profitable.


My first doc who diagnosed me in 2014



All of this, the borderline high SHBG, the borderline low free T, the high LH and borderline low T, those are hallmarks of estrogenic negative feedback from zuclomiphene. That’s how your HPTA works. Id rule out primary hypogonadism it’s just a subpar loop in action. I’d think the weird lipids are another consequence. I strongly suggest finding a doctor that is up to date on Clomid and eventually move onto another SERM.

TRT should not increase your risk of prostate cancer depending on your DHT metabolism which is something that has recently been studied more extensively - using 5ar inhibitors goes nowhere as we al know, focusing on HSD enzymes is much more promising since DHT itself isn’t protective but its metabolites are.


If I were primary, wouldn’t Clomid just simply not work at all?


You know not what you ask LOL.


Clomid increases LH to encourage testosterone production within the testicles, if you have testicular failure, so no clomid will not work.


Can 2ndary turn into primary? Can it be half and half? I mean obviously i cant be full blown primary if im getting higher t than my diagnosed low.


So, my thinking from this thread and the wealth of info provided is These should be my goals.

TT 500-700
FT 100 range
Estrodiol 20-30
If im missing anything PLEASE add on.


Really, your goal should be to feel good. If you are feeling good with no negative side effects, who cares what your numbers are. Sure, labs are a guide, but just like no one should tell you that you are fine “in range”, if you do not feel good at 700/100, then you need to look at options.