I'm Scared to Death of TRT

this is a bit of a long story but I’ll try to optimize it as much as possible. I’m 38 years old about to turn 39 a month. At was 34 I was diagnosed with low T. Numbers were like totally of 119 I believe. Very symptomatic, depression, anxiety, anger, anemia.

I was diagnosed with a super rare genetic abnormality called a “Y chromosome micro deletion”.

I’m on Clomid. I’ve been on Clomid since 2014. I’m absolutely paranoid terrified scared to death of TRT. I mean as it stands Clomid does a few positives for me. My libido isn’t too bad. 60-70% kinda level and much better than before. I mean when I’m with my current wife I have no problems in that department. BUT during regular rudimentary aspects of the day sex doesn’t really come to mind all that often when a beautiful woman passes by in public. In my 20s it used to be constant to the point that I thought I was going to cheat on my first wife.

Clomid fixed my self of well-being to a degree. I’m no longer overly stressed out about certain things but it does hit me like it used to before Clomid.

I’m no longer severely depressed though occasionally I feel it.

Despair is basically gone.

When I first started Clomid after 2 to 3 weeks I felt 1 billion times better than I do now. That seemed to only last for maybe a week or two.

Some of the negatives that I feel on Clomid is I’m still really tired most of the day besides the early morning. It kinda just hits me after 1pm. Zero energy to work out more than a week before feeling so overly sore that I can’t recover fast enough. In the early days of Clomid i was able to work out just fine but for some reason lately it’s been terrible. I’ve even gain 30 pounds since my daughter was born or year ago.

That’s part of the reason I guess why I’m so conflicted on starting testosterone replacement therapy. if it makes me feel like that “clomid high” all the time then hell yeah.


  1. I really don’t want it to fuck with my erection quality. I’ve been hearing that TRT thickens the blood restricting bloodflow to a degree and as we all know blood flow is probably the most important aspect of strong directions. One of my hesitations is if I go on TRT it’s going to kill my erection quality either completely or slightly.
    (Occasionally all use Levitra for that added boost but I’ve been using that lesson last lately)

  2. I really don’t want to have a heart attack on this stuff.

  3. Prostate later in life. I’ve noticed that Clomid keeps the PSA fairly low if not super low. I sometimes wonder if clown made over a longer period of time my mask a potential cancer that would otherwise be discovered earlier by TRT because tear tea feels in the androgens of the prostate to the point that extra growth beyond that point is more noticeable.

Basically I’m worried about their lifelong aspects of this drug. Honestly I don’t have a whole lot of options other than cessation of treatment, Clomid, or tea or tea. And I’m sure any treatment for the prostate decades down the road or mean association of any medication I’m never on anyways. I guess to that it really doesn’t matter but I do want to feel my best for the longest time that I have in life and I don’t want to gain that positive by losing another positive is that I have now.

Any advice anyone might have who has gone through the same sort of ordeal would be nice.

Thank you.

Fallacy…TRT improves erection quality to the nth degree

Fallacy. Proper test levels prevent heart issues.

Again, these are old fallacies that you have heard. Not true. You need to spend the next several days on this website reading everything and becoming educated.

You know what scares me? Not having erections, not being responsive to my wife, not living life to its fullest; and being afraid to take control of my treatment.

Sir, you have no idea how shitty you feel until you get it fixed.


I was also scared to commit to TRT. But like @studhammer, if you are really deficient, you are wasting your life.

Being doomed to a life of low libido, low motivation, low muscle mass and shitty mood, is not a life at all.


Believe me, I was there. At the mercy of stupid doctors for years. So I cut them off, got my own sources, made a lot of mistakes, listened and learned from this forum and now I feel like a new man.

EDIT: Can’t let fear hold you back


I’m more worried about taking a drug that antagonizes the pituitary gland long term rather than a bioidentical hormone the body evolved to handle over millions of years. You will lose the erection and libido for awhile if you chose to start TRT, how long you’re left without erections depends on the skill and knowledge of the doctor.

As it stands most doctors are TRT ignorant and have no knowledge in sex hormones and set men on terrible every 2 week protocol or are unable to determine an effective TRT protocol based off your blood biomarkers because they have no training.

The levels of care you can recieve privately is night and day.

Well see that’s the thing I don’t want TRT to kill my erections. Unless you miss typed there that’s one of the things it is holding me back. My erections are actually OK I’m Clomid. Definitely not zero. Also guys, I’m not a bodybuilder of any kind. For the last 20 years I’ve been stuck behind a computer about eight hours a day working in the game industry as a 3-D artist. Very sedentary lifestyle but also I don’t really have the motivation to work out these days and I’m not sure if it’s because clomid is starting to faill me or if it’s just because I had a kid and I’m always tired because of that or something.

A couple of things that have me slightly concerned my HDL was below 40 but the other cholesterol markers were fine. I wasn’t sure if that meant my arteries are clogged or something because of that. Of course I do naturally worried that maybe that would potentially add to a potential problem in the early stages of getting on TRT. Which if I’m hearing you right in that last post yes it’s going to kill my erections?

@luidox33 All I can say is: if done properly, TRT will change your life for the better in every conceivable aspect.

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Do you guys think it’s a good idea to have a full work up analysis of my body done? Like check the heart with MRI scans and all that jazz to make sure that it’s safe to go on TRT?

You are on clomid and it raised your testosterone. Right? So if that’s yes that means you are secondary hypogonadism.

Some guys try clomid to sort of reset their pituitary. Then they get off of it to see if levels maintain. If they don’t, then you need trt.

B4 trt you need a complete work up. Here is some suggested laBs. Depending on results you may need an MRI pituitary , thyroid ultrasound. If u want too get a baseline EKG go ahead
Take labs in the am after a good night sleep. Before you eat. Drink water before test.
Free t
Free t3
Free t4
Reverse t3
Lipid panel
Metabolic panel (includes liver functions)
Am cortisol
Igf 1
Estradiol sensitive

Yes it raises it to around 500. For the last four years it’s been about 555 but the last one read about 461. I think I am secondary. I asked my doctor that very same question back when I was diagnosed and he unequivocally iterated without hesitation that my body would never restart from the numbers it was at. Given that my numbers were less than 120 he didn’t seem likely they would ever go back up no matter what lifestyle change I made. Given my y chromosome micro deletion that’s not much of a surprise and that they probably relate to each other in someway. I have had a lipid panel and comprehensive work up done in the last two weeks. I have unexplained anemia so ferretin really goes up and down with the infusions. Doctor seemed to indicate to me that my life of infusions would be over with TRT…“maybe”. But then again my last urologist said that that is bullshit so who knows.

Cholesterol 148
HDL 34
LDL 48
Non HDL 114
Triglycerides 328
AST 18
ALT 21
Alkaline 84

Since being on Clomid my PSA is literally always 0.5. For 39-year-old I’m not really sure if that’s normal or not.

Don’t suppose there’s anyone on this forum that’s in the later stages of 70 or 80 years old that’s been on TRT for decades by chance?

Oh also sorry double post, or triple post actually. One thing that was always prevalent before Clomid was brain fog. Brain fog is lifted for the most part on Clomid. But I still hit those moments of dull foggy thinking where I’m not totally paying attention to say my wife or my kid or something at work but then there are other days where I am just super sharp.

im only 24 and im trying everything. i dont even ejaculate. every doc wants me to start trt and i do feel im wasting my life

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As others stated - if done correctly and proactively managed TRT can and will change life for the better x 1,000. BUT there are a lot of factors to consider and manage and you have to be able to understand your body and adjust accordingly until you find some sort of baseline and then maintenance.

Its understandable. Its also sounding like ed is going to happen too. :frowning: even in short term that seems scary consider its badically normal atm. :confused:

Not true, if managed properly, you’ll be fine and notice increased libido within 2-4 weeks.

Ok. I take it that was the original assertion intent from previous posters too. That sounds ok. I read alot of articals from dr anraham morgentaler amd dr ludlow in michigan. They echo what you guys say. Nice to know its echoed by those using it.

Is anyone here been on it for 10 years+ by chance?

Also Does cardio and weights play any role in making the sythetic T work better? Yo know how “they” say cardio amd good health improves erections? Does this still work while on T or is T the new “driver”? Lets say with only gym.

Labido i have no doupt. Erections however are a different story. :confused:

I would say there could be some correlation there…a person always feels better when in better shape… And I would imagine the body handles and processes exogenous testosterone differently if a person is in shape or not. More fat = more aromatisation of free T, converting to estrogen… And we’ve read all the high e2 stories on this board.

You only need to get active and exercise for 30-60 minutes a day. The hardest part is starting. Start small, get some small wins, feel better and you will eventually crave working out.

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Bro, I know you’re scared but even if you find a long term TRT user their body is uniquely theirs, your experience may be different. I’m guilty of looking for other’s experiences to compare to my own too. Just last night I was posting about symptoms I was experiencing. It’s ok to ask for reassurance, everyone is here to support you. Just keep in mind your journey may be slightly different and that’s ok too.

Starting TRT scares the shit out of everyone and it’s not always easy going (just read my threads and you’ll see). However, as others have already stated, you may not know just how awful you’re feeling until you try to help yourself. Your erections could improve, in fact I think there’s a chart floating around somewhere that shows predicted improvements in various systems on TRT.

Here’s some info: