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I'm Ready To Get Big

Ok. This is finally it. No more bullshit. I’m pissed and I’m ready to get big. 16 years old, 130 pounds, weak. I’ll give you guys a quick background before I start with my routine. I have always loved the idea of working out, and as soon as I was able to, I joined a gym. For a couple of months, I would just do whatever, mostly chest, arms and abs. Then I started reading (p.s. I’m a HUGE reader/researcher, if I am doing anything, I will look up on it for at least a couple days before I start), and came to this site. At first, I only read the articles, and jumped back and forth between advanced programs, making no gains. However, I settled for a simple body split routine, and gained about 10 pounds (yes I was actually skinnier than 130 pounds before). Then, I got sick, and for some reason I didn’t have that same intensity in the gym any more, and got back down to the weight I started at. From then on, I just roamed around looking for programs, trying things like starting strength, WS4SB etc. I then recently went back to a body split, and was experienced about a 5 pound gain in a month and a half, but then exams came around, and I completely screwed working out. And now I come to where I am currently. I am simply going to do a body part split, no bs programs. I am going to stick to it for 3 months, and am posting this log to help me stay on task. BTW, I didn’t forget my eating, dw :wink: I am probably the shitiest eater ever, I have amazing self control, I can go without eating for over 10 hours and not complain. I asked my mom to start preparing meals in advance for me (and I will do some as well myself) and will eat every 2-3 hours, no excuses. So that’s basically it, time to get started. (P.S. my split is mon: chest/back, tues: shoulders, thurs: legs, friday: arms, abs 3 days a week)

send more info, ie exercise selection, reps/set scheme, am willing to give advice

PS. shoulders the day after bench/back is not the greatest of idea’s. please stick to starting strength or another 5x5 program. best way to start as a beginner.

Oh ok.
Well, if that’s the case, how do you feel about an upper lower split for a beginner? If that’s ok, then i’ll sort out my exercices and rep schemes, etc. accordingly

Actually, btw, my original split program was, mon: chest/back, wed: arms, thurs: legs, saturday: shoulders, which seemed to work fine, but I guess, I wanted to finish all my training before the weekend.