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I'm Quitting Gum Chewing


Hi friends,

On my current diet I get hungry once or twice a week during the day for a few hours. To combat this I had tried the old chew some sugar-free gum trick.

Problem is: I end up chewing the whole packet in those 2 hours, it leaves a nasty aftertaste in my mouth, unsettles my stomach a bit, and I think it makes me more hungry than I was initially.

I have decided to no longer chew gum. Just curious to hear if anyone else had similar experiences to me?



Switch to nicotine gum. Lowers appetite and increases metabolism a little.


Swap to smoking, 0 calories and helps appetite.


I’ve def done that whole pack thing before. I remember it being the Sour Patch Kids flavors and yeah, all those artificial sweeteners weren’t great.

But I’d never plan to quit sugarless gum altogether, as minty “fresh” breath is far too important in certain social situations.


It’s possible you might not experience those symptoms with a more moderate approach. The artificial sweeteners in the sugar free gum can have side effects on some people with stomach ache, bloating, etc. Regarding being more hungry, even though there are 0 calories and the gym doesn’t affect blood sugar, having something sweet can trigger hormones to make you more hungry. During my prep I found when I’m hungry I just chug 20oz of water that usually does the trick.


I chew these all the time, I dont think it’s a very healthy thing to do.


I gave up gum a number of years ago. I saw nothing good in the action of chomping up and down on a piece of gum be it sugar free or not. It serves no legitimate purpose that cannot be filled with something else. In addition to that if it is sugar gum it’s extremely bad for the teeth. If it’s sugarless gum it still pulls on your fillings with every chew. Not only that you look like a moron when you chew gum and the bigger the wad you have in your mouth the bigger the idiot that you look like.

Gum deserves to go on the ash heap of history along with the cigarette.