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Im quitting but i dont want to

bodybuilding kills,ive been building my body for a year maybe more, and now im going to failiar. If i dont workout for 1 day in my schedule then the next day i wont workout, and my whole week is gone, then this week i bought energy pills it was great. got rid of my quitting problem. but once i decided to get off the pills, i had no energy, i feel like im dead. Just a few days ago i say 4 bodybuilders bigger then me in manhatten, that gave me motavation for a while and today i lost it again. i need help guys i need energy, Any help? The more i dont work out the more fat i begin to build

You’re probably overtraining. If you’ve been lifting every day for a year (I’m assuming it’s all lifting) you need some time off. I kind of know where you’re coming from: if I stop for a week or so I have a hard time getting back into it. But if you feel that way after just one day… I don’t know.

If you can’t slow down and need to do something every day, I would definitely dial down the intensity. Throw in some brief bouts of cardio (but, again, not too intense). I’m sure most people here will tell you to rest up and get back to it after awhile. But you’re having motivation/energy problems. I’d say rest, but not enough is known about your situation.

This is the biggest clusterfuck of a post I have read in awhile.

I agree. After a 58 hour work week, this was just about the only thing that could possibly make my brain hurt any more. Maybe some more energy pills would help with sentence structure and capitalization?

This is helpfors brain on drugs. Any questions?

Post your food log for the last month and I’ll try to help more then. Don’t have a food log or same diet every day? Well that could be a large part of your problem.

Clintpatty, the only problem is the excess amount of bullshit that seems to be spilling from the post that started this. Oops, that might offend someone. Oh well.

A lobotomy might help. This is about the most dumbfucked post I’ve ever read. Sounds to me you do want to quit. Fucking crybaby.

This post has got to be a joke. He doesn’t need energy pills. He needs shock therapy.