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Im Outta Ideas....


Alright rewind week and half after I started for the "first" day the 'two a day' regiment. Legs and Arms in the AM, it was not until the same session PM (Arms and Legs) that my first experience of "extreme light headed feeling" hit met when I finished my last set of good 'ol ATG squats which I had to stop cause the room was spinning pretty bad.

All my health stats turned out fine I went to a doctor. Its been almost two weeks since that day and my condition has improved. I don't believe its over-training but I might be wrong I initially thought it was SNS overload. In the time I have been off been getting rest and plenty of food.

Never had this issue before I'm 20 years old , especially when I get up or sit down I feel lightheaded or exertion the feeling will come back. Condition has improved slightly but I don't know what I "fried" or maybe more rest is needed?



See a professional. Have you been hydrating and sleeping well?


Lightheadedness as you describe is caused by lack of blood flow to the brain. When you do intense squats, the blood flows to your leg muscles so you end up feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

When you go from lying down to a more upright position, such as sitting or standing, if your blood vessels in your legs don't constrict, your blood will remain pooled in your legs and your brain won't get enough oxygen, so again you will feel lightheaded. Blood vessels in legs are supposed to constrict when we stand--when they don't, it is a condition called orthostatic hypotension. It is actually quite common. I don't think there is anything abnormal with you. You just need to take deep breaths when doing intense squat workouts so your brain gets enough oxygen. You also need to give your body time to adjust when you sit or stand upright. I actually think most adults need to do this and can't suddenly get up from a lying down position.

If you are feeling really lightheaded (like you are about to faint), a quick fix is to get your head lower than your legs so blood will flow downhill to your brain. You can do this by lying down with your legs propped up on something.


I had a client at one point, a 16 year old kid who was on the crew team at his school. Anyway, after doing deadlifts, not near max or front squat grip reverse lunge in two different occasions, he had to sit down because he felt like he was going to pass out. This was VERY early in the workout and the difficulty for him was a few notches above medium. I told his mother he should get checked out and they didn't find anything but it's very scary as a trainer to see that stuff that doesn't really make any sense. I'd be interested to find out if there was a reason.

I suppose the blood vessels in the brain could be unaccustomed to high blood pressure or something I dont know..