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I'm Out of Shape

First of all excuse me for my English, I’m not from an English speaking country.

Ok here is my problem I’m 23 and have’nt trained for over a year. I used to be in good shape, pretty muscular, 10 % body fat and I wrestled 4 times a week. Now I am fat, I work 60 hours a week, don’t excersize, I just quit smoking, I’m tired just walking up stairs, I’m tired when I wake up.

So I started eating right, 6 meals a day, not much fat (I eat fatty fish for lunch and lean meat for dinner but not much), as little sugar as possible, I quit smoking so now I start tasting food again.

Does anyone have a good training program for me to start excersizing, I realy dont have any energy but I hope that it’ll all come back and I can break this downward cycle.

Realistically how many days and hours do you have for workouts?

Your english/grammar seems a hell of a lot better than most people that are from this country

Right now I wake at 7:00 eat and do a half hour light cardio (skating or jogging with my dog, he’s an american stafford and if I don’t excersize him hell eat my interior). Im thinking of 2, 1 and a 1/2 hour full body workouts a week. Does anyone knows a good routine.

You have not trained in a while so for that reason I would advise Rippetoe’s Starting Strength routine:

It relies heavily upon basic compound movements which will give you a good base in weight training, teach you the basics of form and provide a platform for other isolation movements. With this base you can go on to other routines such as WS4SB or specialised bodybuilding splits.

Cardiovascular training should be consistent each week, I have no idea what your current fitness level is but starting out with LISS cardio for ~30 minutes would be a good start. Once your conditioning improves it would be a good idea to transition on to HIIT routines which you would do three times a week. They are short routines that don’t last long so are perfectly suitable to Starting strength and then HIIT x 3 a week. You seem to have a busy schedule but it would be easy to fit both of them in. HIIT is arguably the best cardiovascular training you can do for fat loss. It works by EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which will allow you to burn calories due to the raised RMR (resting metabolic rate) for 24 hours after you finish your HIIT routine. Doing LISS will improve your aerobic conditioning but not your anaerobic conditioning and you also won’t get the benefits of EPOC and an elevated RMR, HIIT will however both improve anaerobic and aerobic conditioning so it is a win-win situation in that regard. Here is a very good starting template for HIIT:


HIIT is usually best applied to either running or biking. But it can be applied to most types of cardiovascular training. I will answer further if you are unfamiliar or don’t understand anything I’ve just said.