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I'm out of MD6....help me find a substitute please

I’ve been a faithful MD6 user for over a year. I’m 39 yo male, 199 lbs, 34" waist and about 17% BF. I started the year at 230 and about 28% bf in tight 38" pants. I’ve found that the MD6 gives me great energy and I have to make myself eat. What other brand is out there that people can compare to MD6? Xenedrine, Hydroxycut, etc? I have been taking 2 MD6 and 1 T2 three times a day. I would really appreciate some advice.



You can still find MD6 at many online supp stores. Just look around. I ordered 3 bottles this week.

I like “Thermonex” by BSN
25mg ephedrine
500 mg L-tyrosine
100 mg ALA
5mg forksolin
5 mg yohimbe

DPSnutrition, netrition still have it. I just read an article on CNN that folks are really pushin for bannin ephdra products, better hurry up. peace

Thanks…I bought 8 bottles from an internet source…don’t remember which one