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IM or SubQ Preference and Results

So, who all has tried both subQ and IM and what difference did you notice? Which do you prefer, and what frequency and dosage gets you to what levels each way?

I never felt like I was taking anything when I tried subQ. It’s possible I needed to give it more time but it was much more noticeable that something was different once I switched to IM within 24 hours. Anecdotal for sure but I believe it.

IM is better for me, the bruising and occasional lumps were not attractive and the wife didn’t like them. Once a week is current, and best so far. Twice a week at the same dose put me mid 800’s, we’ll see in the next day or so what that equates to weekly.

I’ve tried both and moved between them a few times. The lumps from subq are irritating, also occasional bruises and painful jabs (belly pins). IM in the glutes works perfectly for me twice a week. I have a sense that I feel better on IM but that’s obviously very subjective.

Done both, and can’t tell much difference TBH. I started SubQ in the belly, then after about a year switched to IM delts. Occasionally, I would get a lump or sore spot subQ, but I also occasionally have a painful delt shot too. When starting IM, my shoulders were always feeling PIP, but they got used to it. Now it is fine.

I tried both. When I switched methods it’s like I had to wait weeks before redialing in.

I am on subq now the most. I feel very good. Also felt good on im.

Did sub-q EOD & daily. Didn’t feel like it was working so after 6 months I got bloods done and total T was 2000. Switched to same dose & frequency (daily 185mg/week) but IM and feel amazing but it took a while after the switch to get there (month or two).

Levels similar on both but just feel completely different?

For me SUb-q works better in every possible way. Not to mention the pain of IM injections, the fact you are creating scar tissue in the muscle and so on.

Correct. Basically same levels but just prefer how I feel on IM much more.