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I'm on My Way to Big Weight


G'day this is my first post basically because im just unfriendly. but my name is tom im 19yrs and 93kgs.
i have been training for 1 year and just recently have decided that i want to give powerlifting a go.

i have been training for it now for about 2 months. i am a weak fella compared to most of the people in this form but im going hard all the time and making gains. This is just a video of me the other day doing 150kgs low bar 5x3. i squat three times aweek one day with a belt and two without. give us your feedback if you want. thank you



start a training log


yeah i will shortly. any tips and an starting out experiences you big fellas have?


Be consistent first and foremost and work hard. Always be open to learn. I think the trait that takes the longest to develop is understanding when it's time to play it safe and smart and when it's time to be a flat out dumbass.


That last part is so true. For instance I'm healing up from a herniated disc, and decided to go for a new rev band squat PR (got it easy - 585). That was being a dumbass, probably shouldn't have done that. This goes not only for injuries but for just general training. There may be days (or a week in the case of a deload) where you should lower intensity some, even though you may not feel like you want to. Going balls to the wall non-stop is a great way to have your testicles crushed.


I've got the dumbass part down....working on the other.


lulz this is perfect


I believe it was Dave Tate that said something along the lines:

Deload only at your injuries. An injury that requires surgery will require at least 6 weeks before you touch a barbell again. That's a good time to deload.


Dave Tate is the guy who quit competitive lifting because his body was torn to shreds, right? The guy with multiple pec, quad, hamstring tears? And a shoulder that needed re-constructed? Not to mention being juiced up the entire time?

You might think about looking elsewhere for advice about deloading.


are you guys trying to say my form is bad or something :open_mouth:


Nope just laying down some solid advice


You forgot groin strains and his damaged knees, but yeah, that's the guy.


Are you really trying to talk bad about Dave Tate? He did more for powerlifting than almost anyone else, not including Louie Simmons, who he trained directly under by the way. I think Dave is a perfect person to listen to about deloading.


Except he has often spoke of how what he did regarding injuries was not smart and that he does advocate people taking care of themselves both from a training standpoint, and now a nutritional standpoint - if you recall he used to simply not care about nutrition at all but has really started to tighten that up in the last few years and advocates proper nutrition now.

Just because you may have done something a particular way that was not smart, doesn't mean you didn't learn from it and can now pass that wisdom on.


Tate himself said he could've gotten his bench higher than he did if he learned the safe way to bench from the get-go. It wasn't till he got to westside that he learned how to bench safely and by then the damage had already been done.


Dave had the train like a dumbass part down too, he confesses as much. The perfect person to learn from is the one who has made the mistakes and has learned from them. I keep telling my kids this anyway.


No -- not at all. What he did was take something Dave said, and use it out of context and totally warped the meaning of it.

This is what I think he was referring to:


"This brings up the next point; if you are hardcore then you should be competing two to three times per year. Each time you will have a one week deload before the meet and another light week after. This is six weeks a year of deloading. Now if you factor in those days you have to back off due to muscle pulls and training partners who donĂ¢??t show up, you can add in another four weeks minimum."

And I agree with what Dave Tate said (not that he needs my validation or anything). Unless he said it in a joking manner, or as a reflection of the way he used to train, I can't imagine Dave Tate saying "you should only deload when you're so fucked up you can't lift right anyways".


You need to stop the "split legged" unrack. Calm down, get under the bar and unrack it with feet next to each other. Take a breath of air, stand up first THEN begin the walk out, dont stand up while walking it out. let the air out, and set up in your stance. Take your air and begin your set.

You also need to get used to locking your knees before you squat. You will have to lock them no matter what federation you are lifting in. Finish your squat where you began knees locked.
Good luck in your training. Stick with it, and don't lose hope when things get tough.
I promise, things will get tough.


PUNCH!!! lol.