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I'm on Madcows...


Anyone has any ideas?

My stats:
165 lbs
Squat 260
Bench 170
Dead 290

I have the time, and I wonder if lifting every day and eating hardcore will help to accelerate my muscle gains.

My goal is to be King Kong strong while maintaining some semblance of aesthetic.


i highly recommend wendlers 5/3/1, i go to the gym 5 days a week, 2 bench days, a squat and a power clean day(i switched deadlifts with this) and the middle day, wednesday i do plyometrics, also do some form sprint workouts 4-5 days a week and i love it, my strength has really responded to the program, i thinks a worth a try


Oh sorry I wanted to stress that I want to switch to a split that I can do every day.


Just find a good program and stick to it. Don't mess around and try to modify a program, because you'll probably end up screwing with your progress. Lifting every day doesn't necessarily mean faster progress. In some cases it can mean over-training. I'm not suggesting that you will end up over-training, just trying to point out that programs are designed a certain way for a reason.


wtf is madcows lol madcow disease?

You can do:


that is five days a week and if you want to break it down further your can split up quads and hams or biceps and tris


I've decided to start Westside For Skinny Bastards..anyone have any experience? I did my first max upper today, it was certainly a strange experience afterthree months or so on Madcows