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I'm Old, Not Obsolete


Glad hear the nerve issue is improving!


Well here’s an update.

Still working on the pinched nerve issue, although I have pretty much resolved it.

Been just doing hockey, finished up the skills camp and scored a hat trick in the Pro’s versus Joe’s game for the end.

Last week I was refereeing an upper level adult tournament and went down hard from two players falling and sliding into my legs.

Landed on my elbow pad right into the rib cage. That wasn’t fun.

Here’s the bruise I got from it a week later.


Ouch! It looks like it’s getting bigger? Did you go to the doc?


Yes I did when it got bigger. Just a really bad bruise.


Okay. As long as it’s nothing bad! Hope it gets better soon!


And on to new adventures :smiley:


WHOA!!! Congratulations!!!