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I'm Old, Not Obsolete

And that sums me up.

I’m Tom, aka 2busy. And with this being my 54th birthday I have decided it’s time to move on from my training log of solitude to a new training log. Five years has been long enough.

When I was 15, I lost control of a motorcycle in a wet corner and struck a bridge pillar. I sustained major internal injuries (liver damaged, collapsed lung) broken arm, jaw, and ribs 6 weeks later, I was able to go back to school. Needless to say, no sports for my sophomore year it actually set the tone for no sports in high school.

I had another motorcycle wreck when I was 22 (you’d think I would learn…) where a car cut me off and I ended up landing on my helmet about 60 feet down the street. So now add a compressed vertebrae onto the list of injuries.

I started playing ice hockey for my mid-life crisis… It’s a challenging sport involving strength and technical skill. And also can provide it’s own dangers. Attached is the x-ray of my left leg after the doc’s gave me a titanium upgrade in 2006. In case you were wondering, the boards on the rink do not give or flex at the ice level…

That was a defining moment for me. The doctors said I would have to use a cane for the rest of my life. Along with a vacation picture that made me realize I was not who I wanted to be.

I was able to jog through a 10K just over a year after the accident.

I started weight lifting when my oldest daughter entered a figure competition and I saw her compete in the Natural Nebraska 2007 event.

I was able to trim myself from 235 to 170, and I have put 20 lbs back on, but it’s muscle instead of fat.

My main goals for lifting are to continue improving my strength, and to cut my body fat down to 10%.

Since then, in July of 2012 and the end of June 2016, I have suffered two strokes.

The first one, July 1, 2012, was labeled a Transient Ischemic Attack or baby stroke. I lost the ability for form coherent words for about one minute. Speech was slurred for a couple of hours after that.

After a bunch of tests, no cause was found and I was to to continue on by the doctors.

The second stroke was almost exactly four years to the day from the first, June 26, 2016.

This one was more severe. Massive vertigo and eye nystagmus/twitching. More advanced tests found I had a 1 cm mass on the mitral valve in my heart. Open heart surgery was scheduled immediately.

The day of the surgery, with me under anesthesia for the operation, they did another echocardiogram for the surgeon to visualize the mass. It was gone. Surgery was called off. They determined that it must of have been a blood clot and it dissolved without incident.

I recovered from the stroke symptoms within a couple of weeks and here I am today.

Back to hockey and weight lifting :smiley:

You can find my previous training log at the links below.

2busy’s Training Log of Solitude


First In!..only took about 10 years.

Nothing else to add:)


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But seriously, hell of a story, especially the recent stuff. As I recall, you take some meds daily; maybe regulate a bit with diet/lifestyle stuff…and Soldier On!!!

Rock on brother, and continued best of health.


Happy B-Day; my sisters as well.

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I am so sorry for the rough times you’ve experienced in you life. That being said I’m extremely excited to see you posting again and can’t wait to read more!!! Very motivating to see you working so hard and how things have turned around :smiley: awesome!!

Thanks. Others have had worse.

It’s all part of what made me to be who I am. :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday Buddy!!!


Happy Birthday. Haven’t been around much and missed the new of the June stroke. Scary stuff. Glad they took a second look before cutting you open.

Definitely admire you for the adult hockey. That is a skill set I do not possess.

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Happy birthday!

You know I love following your hockey antics . . .

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Thanks Snapper!

I should have some new pics from my game with the Pro/College players soon.

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Thank you.

Hockey is also a skill set I do not have. That’s why I work so hard at improving those skills. :slight_smile:

Thanks Brute!

Hope you and Moss are having a great weekend.

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Happy Birthday Tom! Hope you have a great day! And… uh…FYI vintage/ obsolete things are always worth more when you find them :wink:

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20160807 - Hockey

League Hockey - 1 hour

Team won 4-2. I got an assist on the 3rd goal.

Game was crazy. We had 4 penalties in the 1st period, the first one was about a minute into the game.

Team settled down and we ground out the win.

Yay! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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I think I’d pieced together your whole story from reading you last log, but reading it all in one shot like that was like high drama. You’ve had a helluva history.

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20160808 - 531 C28W3

Time crunch tonight so just the main lifts…

Bench Press

95 lbs x 5
115 lbs x 5
135 lbs x 3
170 lbs x 5
195 lbs x 3
215 lbs x 3


105 lbs x 5
135 lbs x 5
155 lbs x 3
190 lbs x 5
215 lbs x 3
240 lbs x 5


I’ll be saying this with every passing birthday. :slight_smile:

20160809 - Hockey

Skills Camp - 1 hour

Right knee decided to act up, so the last skate of the skills camp was 60-70% effort.

Lot’s of fun drills, including 6 on 6 full ice with two pucks in play.

Iced the knee down after,

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201600810 - Hockey

Wednesday Night Mens Skate - 1 hour

Black bench won 4-2. I scored the 1st and 3rd goal.

My 2nd goal was an epic deflection off of my cup protector.

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Another #22 pushups for #22Kill video from tonight.