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I'm Off To The Hospital


Lets just say, I'm excited to go, but completely terrified at what they may do to me. Short back story, been constipated since thursday and I've had no movement all weekend. I've tried everything from a bottle of prune juice to... things I don't want to discuss. Funny though, what bothers me most is the fact I haven't eaten a real meal since thursday. I feel small, gross and weak. I'm pretty sure that from friday to now I've only taken in some 1500 calories TOPS which sucks major ass because I was finally moving up in strength after being in a rut for a few months.

So, I'd rather be at work... because being violated at the hospital, is not going to be fun. Hopefully I can go to the gym today.



Damn... I'm surprised your stomach isn't killing you at this point.

Any time I've ever gotten even midly constipated it feels like someone put a 1,000 lb boulder inside my stomach.

Good luck with all of your anal endeavors.


What's wrong with you?


he cant shit.




I am very interested in what caused this. The average large bodybuilder can take a shit up 5 times a day or more. The thought of a Ronnie Coleman actually getting constipated makes me wonder if someone can truly explode and what it would look like.

I find it hard to believe that someone truly watching what they eat and trying to get in enough calories would ever find themselves THIS constipated without there being some kind of obstruction or intentional blockage.

I now question how well you were eating to start with.


way to crap all over his thread, hyuk hyuk


Good luck in there. Watch out for Bono.


Damn. DO you mean surgery?? Have you tried alternatives... like colonics or manipulation?


Obese individuals can experience this because their diets are screwed up and irregular to begin with. I would think it would be rare in someone who eats several time a day on a schedule with the same general foods rotated in and some sense of decent nutrition.


That may be so, Doc, but according to the stats in Rattler's profile, he's nowhere near obese.
Unless he once was obese.


LOL, what I meant was along the lines of what has been asked above - what caused it to be, by the sounds of things, severe enough for a hospital visit?


guess my reply is off in limbo


he must have been eating a lot of PF Chang's


All it takes for me is a "cheat" meal and my entire body purges.

Great way to loose those extra pounds (LOL).


poor guy

doc: whats wrong with you?
patient: I cant shit


Maybe you should try being the pitcher for a change.

Sorry man, couldn't resist. Hope things get sorted out quickly for you.


Morning, Rattler.
Sorry to hear that, dude.

I've once had something similar going on, back in 2005 while I was doing a refeed diet.

Usually, I gorged myself on fruit gums, lots of bread, oatmeal with milk and stuff like that come refeed day and had always had a very good digestion on the day after. But that one time, I tried some hebrew crackers (something like that: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/7356/088013.jpg ) on top of all the usual stuff. Actually, I had eaten 500 g of them in about 15 mins.

I couldn't take a dump for three days straight and I really felt like exploding. I remember trying to ease the whole process up by drinking a lot of coffee and milk. And I guzzled down half a gallon of water right afterwards for good measure. The whole shit - pun not intended - resulted in my stomach being terribly bloated to the point that my lower back ached like shit. I even had trouble getting down on the bed and then getting up, again. Sounds funny, but wasn't by no means at all. Finally, I could relieve myself. Turned out, I'd developed a nice pair of piles along the way, courtesy of all the pressing. Bloody business, that.

After that incident, I discovered that lactulose can help in some cases.

Get well soon, Rattler.


I'll admit my diet isn't perfect, but it's in no way horrible either. Usually I shit 2-3 times a day, each one of them gigantic. I can't really explain it, something happened and I just can't poop. I've had two enemas and 1 suppository in the last two days. 3 things shoved up my pooper, in two days. It's not fun.

However, I do notice that constipation comes to me very easily. I know guys who will stuff their faces full of everything that can clog a man up, and still shit with no problem. However with me, the smallest things can just turn my turds into cinder blocks. It could be a genetic thing, I don't know.

Seriously, go easy on me. I've been through enough this weekend. :frowning:



Just be glad PX isn't a butt doctor and your butt doctor to boot :wink: