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I'm Not Your Buddy, Pal


When you call somebody you barely know "buddy", as in "What's up buddy?", do you mean it as a subtle disrespect? Chief, big guy, champ etc. I would consider straight up condescending, but buddy I'm not so sure. Does it depend on the situation?


I'm not your Pal, Guy!


It shows disrespect imo.

No one would call someone they see as superior 'buddy' or 'pal' so therefore i can make the assumption that they see you as beneath them.


I'm not your guy, friend!


Interesting you bring this up. This is always something that has bothered me personally. Call me insecure but it definitely bothers me when someone calls me "buddy"; unless of course they are a close friend. Can't speak for others but if I were to call someone (not close) "buddy" it would be with the intent to subtly disrespect them.


'Sup, Dude?


You guys are weird...anytime I'm trying to be NICE to a stranger, I'll use the term buddy, like "Thanks buddy", after I've completed a purchase at a store for example. Intention means everything...If I'm saying it with a tone of voice where I'm obviously trying to be a smart ass then you have a point..but if someone is just trying to be nice, then this is your issue, not theirs.


If I said buddy to someone I mean no harm in saying it, it is just what happened to slip by my lips at the moment when I wanted to get your attention.

If someone really wished to subtly insult you or show disrespect, they can do a lot worse than saying 'buddy'.

What about seeing somebody as an equal?



Shit if I don't know someone's name I use "buddy" or "man" and on occasion "dude". That is pretty stupid to get upset over. It's not like I am calling the person asshole or something. But if asshole comes out then that is a sure sign I don't like you.


I'm not your guy, bro!


I say buddy a lot to guys in the gym and just general acquaintances

I don't mean it in a disrespectful way, but it's definitely an informal greeting

I do use chief interchangeably as both a subtle insult, me busting my friends chops, or just another informal acknowledgment device. Depends on the situation and the context of the conversation/relationship I have with the other person.

Those terms aren't universally insulting and depends a lot on tone and context. I know you weren't insinuating they were universally disrespectful (in the air force a Chief Master Sargent is respectfully called Chief on a day to day basis).


Yea, Buddy CAN be used to be a little disrespectful, but in most cases I think it's just a peer to peer greeting. In general though, anyone who gets butt hurt over being called buddy is probably a little insecure girl. <-- see now THAT is insulting.



I call guys bud all the time. I don't see the big deal.

I am trying to wrap my brain around the thought process that it is insulting.
:hey buddy

:what the fuck did he call me? did he call me buddy? I will fuck a mofo up if he called my buddy.

Now if you are already getting into it with someone and they say buddy then it is probably not endearing but you can throw in any term there homey.


I don't know how to embed apparently brah. Link is worth viewing though.


LMFAO...We Canadians have got using the term Buddy down to a subtle science.

If I PM someone here I always start off with "Hey Bud". It's NOT condecending in my view. However if we're talking about sports or something and you don't agree with me I can retort with "Listen, bud, that teams defence has not had a decent conerback in ten years, wtf". That could be intrepeted as snotty but not hostile imo.

Another example could be "so I'm at the bar getting a round of beers and buddy here thinks he's gonna cut in the line, fuck him" Thats hostile. Goddamn, thinking about this is making my head hurt lol.


I'm not your Bro, Dude!


I'm not your Dude, Mister!


I could try shithead instead. You're really wining about buddy? I could see boy being condescending, but most of it is about context.

I have some guys at the gym that call me boy, of course I call them "old man" or grandpa.

What exactly would you rather someone who doesn't know your name call you?


Wow I never knew people saw this as disrespectful.
I call people bud all the time, it's a friendly term to me. I refer to my guy friends as my buddies. I wouldn't call somebody I disrespect or dislike bud. I would call them asshole or douchebag :slightly_smiling:
That said, big guy, champ, and boy are terms I would never call anybody I wasn't well acquainted with.


"I ain't your pal, dickface"