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I'm Not Getting Any Stronger


hi i'm new to this site and this is my first post. See I've recently started lifting and I've been benching only 90 lbs for a whole month(yea I'm weak). I bench 3x a week and do a low reps and max weight workouts because I heard it was the fastest way to build strength. But I still can't get past 90 lbs and I've been stuck at it for two months. What am I doing wrong?


First off how old are you, whats your height and weight, and how long have you been lifting. I think you should go for 3 sets of 8-10 until you increase your max significantly. I remember when i could only bench that much i would just pump out sets of 10 and my strength quickly improved for that lift. I have found that low reps work the best for experienced lifters, while high reps are optimal for less-experienced lifters.


The rest of your workout.

Have you been squatting, deadlifting, ROWING, chinning, dipping, or military pressing?

Whats your diet like? You're not going to make much progress without a good diet.


Hey can you post your workout, not that i know a lot, but it help us all to help you.


also make sure you are eating enough food


Do pushups for a while. Build up your capacity. Do 100 per day divided into several sets. Try to explode while going up. It's good advice. Helped me from benching 105 to 165 in a month.


I squat and deadlift a lot.


Does your screen name mean that you are a Marine? If so, how many pull ups can you do?


I do those clap pushups. They're part of my workout. I'll post the rest of my workout up here.


[quote]playmaker08 wrote:

First off how old are you, whats your height and weight, and how long have you been lifting./quote]

I'm 16 I'm 6 feet and a seriously underweight 130lbs. That's one of the reasons I'm lifting.


Not yet. I can do 7 pullups.


if your only 130 then you need to eat everything in your house and then go to your neighbor's house and eat their food too. That may be your biggest problem right there


Okay this is my upper body workout sheet.

Bench Press 3-5 reps
Incline press 5-8
4-way cleans 3-5
DB shoulder press 10
Underhand pulldown 8-12

This is actually my friend's football workout. I use it too.


I'm confused. Is that just one set of the said reps for each exercise? What are 4-way cleans?


Judging by your stats your a pretty small guy. Bench less. Three times a week is too much .
Also your external rotator strength may not be up to par.Get a good beginner program going. Try 3 main exercises; one upper body push, One Upper Body Pull and one lower body exercise. Use 5x5 at 85% of you one rep max. Then pick 1-2 extra exercises and do the for 2-3 set of 6-8 reps.

For eample
Box squat 5x5 (hit techical on the first five. same for all)
Military press 5x5
Pull up 5x5

Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8 (don't go to failure, strive to increase number of reps each workout)
Side lying external rotation 3x8

You will gain a good deal of size and strength on this program.

Then pick new exercises for the other two days. Switch up every 4 weeks. I know many people are going to say this but eat everything in sight.