"I'm Not Doing It For Others"

“I go to the gym to build muscle and get stronger to stay healthy, not to impress anyone or get laid. I do it for myself” says everyone, apparently.

Well, I have to say that if I just wished to stay healthy, I could go for long walks or the occasional run around the block. I’m sorry, but I want a better looking physique to impress the opposite sex, find a wife who cheats on me no more than once per year, and to raise a strong family.

As for the health benefits of strength training and why you should still do it for yourself (and, of course, with it comes a better physique) - yes, I do want to live a healthier, longer life so that i’d have more time and energy to chase tail, find a lovely wife who cheats on me no more than once per year at the most, and to raise a strong family.

And of course, I also do it to improve my mood and energy so that i’d have more motivation and drive to further my career… so that i’d have access to better and more tail, find a lovely wife who cheats on me no more than once per year at the most, and to raise a strong family.

So, to conclude my short philosophical ramble: the preworkout is really starting to kick in now, I think I took a bit too much this time.

Solipsism solved all of this for me


Well, that’s definitely an option.

Why would you want your wife to cheat on you?


Liver King did it for the children.

:pensive:…the children.


You can’t ask for the impossible, no cheating - all i’m asking for is that she did it as little as possible!

Umm, yes you can. This some real beta energy.

My wife cheats on me, she better hope that dude can afford the lifestyle I provide - because I’m done providing it.

You let your wife cheat on you? Or do you cheat on her?

Nah, all jokes aside, I don’t tolerate cheating. I have enough willpower (and conscience) to not give in to temptations and no, i’ve never cheated and never will, it’s despicable and i’m kinda weirded out by people who see it as an innocent thing that can simply be “talked through”.

If my gf (or wife) ever did that, she’d also better hope that her brand new male companion can take care of her. That’s an instant end to the relationship for me.

Weren’t you very recently seeking assistance with overcoming giving in to temptation as it related to eating?

I guess i don’t understand why mentioning it in the way you did then, but I’ll chalk it up to internet misunderstanding.

Lifting is actually healthier in the long run, more than just going on walks… keeps the bones strong and heart healthy.

Yeah ok, perhaps not willpower. Just conscience. I couldn’t live with myself afterwards.

I sometimes write stuff with a humorous undertone. At least I attempt to. Often I bomb, and am misunderstood. It is what it is

Yeah, you can be healthy by just walking and running, but I agree that in the long run, strength training is better and you can be healthier… especially as you get older

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I know it’s the internet, but I am amazed nobody could see how obviously sarcastic the wife comment was. lol


Why not do both?

Is walking a fucking exercise now? It’s a basic human function.

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Yes you can…and that would be the end of the relationship

Depends on how much and how fast you walk.

Granted it doesn’t do much to improve my cardio at this point, I agree. But i’ve found that walking 20K steps per day at a fast pace for the past month on top of the lifting and running/rowing/stationary biking I do has helped me lose a decent amount of fat. It’s like GOMAD for weight loss. And it only takes me like… 3 fucking hours. At least I get some work done whilst walking on the treadmill.

For an average couch potato though, 20K steps a day would do wonders for their health. And their daily schedule. Yes, it’s absolutely excercise. And it bites a healthy chunk out of your day. Being sarcastic again.

I’m planning to do the 100K steps a day challenge soon. I think it’s going to be a fun 16 hours.

Isn’t it also an Olympic sport now?


It is, and it’s absolutely ridiculous.



Ditto. I would arguably be much healthier 40lbs lighter with improved cardio fitness. But I want to look like a body builder. Why? Because I like the attention and alpha feeling. Hey, honesty is the best policy.