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I'm Not Crazy But I Liked It Better When I Was!


Hey everyone, I'm still alive. Couldnt find my old thread... sure miss it and everyone who contributed.
My life's falling into "normal" for a 52 year old guy trying to pay the bills, resurrect a marriage, overcome foreclosure and so on. My wild comeback of a year and a half ago seems more like a dream now as everything went to hell and I had to spend the last year just crawling out of the abyss. I am just now setting up a home gym in yet another house we moved into out in the boonies and finally am getting at least a bit of the bug to train again.

 But I'm afraid the heavy stuff is over. I went to the Mayo clinic to address my HRT problems as well as my back and leg problems. They were some of the first smart doctors I have come across, helped me with proper treatment and validated the damn shame that all of my problems were caused by massive varicoceles that I should have had operated on twenty years ago. I also learned that my back has deteriorated with three discs now out and my radiculopathies are more widespread with bilateral inner leg paralysis now. 

 However, I wouldnt post this without something decent to report. The day I found out about the leg deterioration and that I am now officially 15% disabled, I went to visit a friend of mine who coaches high school track. He had no throwing coach, so I spent a wonderful afternoon teaching kids the shot and disc. I threw them for the first time in thirty years...I had vowed never to touch them again because of my bitter disappointments (Olympics etc). But I had a real blast, especially throwing the shot. Beat the best kids...threw the little ball 49 feet.

Considering I havent touched a weight in four months and I had just been told never to do anything too "strenuous," I felt it was one last "fuck you" to doctors and their assumptions about normalcy. Hey Hel, how far do the old farts throw in Masters?
Never say die, Doc


Good to have you back Doc.

If life was easy it wouldn’t be fun. Seems like you’ve rode the bull the full distance and you’re still in the saddle. That is something to be proud of.

You planning on throwing heavy shit around. Got some powerful throwers on the form now. Maybe rekindleing your old passion will give you a new outlook on life.

Again I’m really happy you’re back, your wisdom has been missed.


Welcome back.



Now there’s a Doctor in the house!

Welcome back!


I echo all of the above posters Doc. They are far more accomplished and intelligent as I, and we all admire you for you. I look forward to following your journey well into the future.


Welcome back.




Nice to have you back where you belong. I missed you.


Glad to have you back.


[quote]Dr.PowerClean wrote:
Considering I havent touched a weight in four months and I had just been told never to do anything too “strenuous,” I felt it was one last “fuck you” to doctors and their assumptions about normalcy. [/quote]

I love it.

Good to see you back around, Doc!


Welcome back, Doc. Missed your wit and wisdom.