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I lift 3 days a week.
Current Routine:
Squat 5x5
Flat Bench 5x5
RDL 5x5
Military Press 5x5
Decline Sit-ups 2x25x25

I started lifting a few months ago. I have gained approx. 13 lbs of muscle in 7 or 8 weeks. I am 6'1" 162.5 lbs.


Welcome aboard. Always good to see some new faces.

Question for you - I take it that it is the same routine you do every single one of the 3 times a week you work out? What is your overall goal?


Good progress so far, I just hope you're doing some other exercises besides those, such as deadlifts, squats and pullups.


Welcome aboard and great starting progress. Keep it up

I will reverberate the same as above, goals do you have any?? Also 5x5 is awesome but you would be wise to do a few different exercises to fill in the gaps and just for a change of stimulus on the other days if you arent.

Dipd, chins, Deadlifts, etc.


Greetings and salutations.


My goals are to develope strength and power. I am not training in martial arts currently but I want to develope striking power for punches, elbow/knee strikes.

Correction on my routine. Instead of BB Row I started doing RDL 5X5 because my lower back is weak. Eventually I will add bodyweight exercises like like pull-ups (wide-grip)and knuckle push-ups.


Revised routine.
Full Back Squat 5x5
Flat Bench 5x5
RDL 5x5
2 min b/t sets
Bench Dip 3x10x50lbs (1 min b/t sets)
Decline Sit-ups 2x25x25lbs (1 min b/t sets)
BB Curl 5x5 (2 min b/t sets)
Box Jumps 3x20 18 inch
Same as Sun/Thurs
(Instead of Flat Bench)
Military Press 5x5
400 meter wind sprints
Shadowboxing (punches,elbows,knees)


That is the basic set of basic exercises if ever I saw one. Good choices and in a good order. Is that what you did all that time? Where did you get that lot from?

How old are you?

Why did you start?

You are still very light for that height so you should continue to make strong progress.

Also, how has your strength improved on those lifts?


Get a new name


Why is that? Is there someone you know who you want to beat up?

No reason to wait. You don't have to do the same exact exercises every single time, and in fact you really shouldn't. All you'll do is just get better at those exercises and not really develop.


This routine is not what I have been doing all this time. I tinkered around for a while to find a routine that is appropriate for my needs.

I borrowed some of this routine from Bill Starr's 5x5 routine and "Dinosaur Training" by Brook's D. Kubik as far as focusing on compound exercises.

36 yo

I used to weight 150lbs and I am not naturally strong.

My strength has improved somewhat, but I could not use my prosthetic arm for BB lifts for 1 month or so because of a rash on my stump. I had to use hexdumbells for a while, but the heaviest I own is only 55lbs. Also, I took time to figure out which style squat I wanted to use, a wide stance paralell (misspelled) squat or a shoulder width stance OL Back Squat.


No. When I get back into MA training I want to be in better condition. I am not intersted in sport; only street situations as a last resort. I am a man of peace. I meditate.




Formerly known as Capital Slim Jim. I need a symbol. Any sugestions? LOL


I am ready for 3x3 routine (3 min breaks)

Full Back Squat 3x3
BB Row or DL 3x3
Flat Bench 3x3
Military Press 3x3
Decline Sit-ups 2x25x25


Box Jumps 3x20
Heavy Bag 5x3 minute rounds
Punches, elbows, knees
or 400 meter wind sprints


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Squat 3x3
BB Row or DL 3x3
Bench 3x3
Military Press 3x3
Decline Sit-ups 2x25x25lbs
Box Jumps (18 inch) 3x20
Heavy Bag or 400 meter wind sprints


Below Paralell Back Squat 3x3x196 lbs/200 lbs last set
Thor's Hammer 3x12x18 lbs
Grip Crush 1x1 min hold
One Arm DB Row 3x3x70 lbs/76lbs last set
One Arm DB Push Press 3x3x55 lbs
One Arm DB Power Snatch 3x3x55 lbs
Decline Sit-ups 2x25x25lbs


Current Routine:
3 days a week
Below Parallel Squat
4x1x240lbs, 1x1x246lbs
2 days a week
Decline Sit-ups 2x20x50lbs
Side Bends 2x15x60lbs each side
Weight: 174lbs