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I'm New to T-Nation, A Few ?'s


I'm 18 years old, and going to be a college freshman. I have always been skinny my life. But since last year I have gained a lot of weight, and now I'm at 6'1" 185LBs. I still look mostly skinny to normal, but I've gained a lot of fat in my stomach. I think I am going to cycle for around 30minutes after workout, and 1)do you think this will help, I chose cycling b/c it is something I enjoy. .
Also I'm recovering from a shoulder dislocation 2months ago (I've done physical therapy all throughout), and I lifted weight for the first time in a while, I felt weaker but the shoulder did not seem to hurt at all.
2) should I keep working out?
Thank you for reading this long post.

  1. Yes it will help if you havn't done any cardio previously. But don';t do it after you've worked out. Do it on off days preferably first thing in the morning.

  2. YES

I don't know why'd you'd want to lose weight at 185lbs. I think you may be overreacting. That or (and most probably) your diet sucks and needs revamped.


Yes, cycle. Just dont go overboard.

Yes, keep lifting. but most importantly, GO SLOW. Dont get back into it too quickly and fuck your shoulder up again.


So far ditto to everything that has been said here.

1.) you definatly need to look at your diet. CHeck out the 7 food artical and some of Dr. B's diet articals

2.) Watch that shoulder. Especialy with Bench, military press, and upright rows. If your still in rehab consult your therapist before starting. Also check out the "Stong and Healthy Shoulders" artical.

3.) Be patient and keep working.

Good luck



hey thanx for the responses.
There's a little bit of misunderstanding there.
I do not want to lose weight. Just want to lose some fat on the tummy area. Thanks anyway.


Couple things...

First, it's only called a "tummy" if you're 5 years old. To normal people it's called a stomach.

Second, cardio is not the answer. Get your diet in gear and you'll lose that fat fine. You're obviously an ectomorph, so you don't need cardio to lose fat.


Thank you again
I am new to this site so where can I find information on diet and such?


generally you could go to the left sidebar under articles and look at diet articles.

here ill give you some basics to get started.

Read up and enjoy,

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