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I'm New, I'm a Teen and Yeah

Hello guys im 13years old im from Bulgaria i have been bodyweight training(bar athlete style) for 1 year,played soccer my whole life,im want to get in my schools soccer team this year but also i want to start wight lifting and when im 15 or 16 eventualy start to compete in local bodybuilding shows(competitions).So I figured out that i need to build type 3 muscle fibers that can get me ready for my soccer trial and give me a foundation for my later weight lifting that will be for bodybuilding.

I do cardio every day cuz if its summer i need to go with my bike to the soccer field,the barz and back home and play soccer.If its school time play soccer 4-6 times a week(thats like 360 minutes-540 minutes a week and thats like 6-9 hours a week) and climp stairs every period break and when its lunch time go run so i can my pizza first :smiley:

So is building the type 3 muscle fiber the wright choise or is it not?What diet should i follow (Im 53 kg and 1m 66cm and an ectomorph)?

Squat weight

Fuck everything else

[quote]mrbulgaria wrote:
So I figured out that i need to build type 3 muscle fibers[/quote]
First of all, there is no such thing as Type 3 muscle fibers. From what I’ve read, it’s basically a term created by some guy trying to sell his training program.

Secondly, and much more importantly, forget you’ve ever heard about different muscle fiber types. That kind of info is only going to confuse you for now. Make sure you’re training hard and being consistent with a well-designed program, and you won’t really have to worry about training “these muscle fibers” or “those”.

Check this article to get a basic idea of how and what to eat:

You’re very active, so you need to make sure you’re eating plenty of protein, carbs, and fats. You don’t need to be cutting and you don’t need to try eating like a strict bodybuilder. You’re an athlete and a growing dude, so you need to feed your body like one.

Also, and this is another important point, forget about being an “ectomorph”, or wishing you were built like a “mesomorph”, or whatever. You’re so young and naturally undeveloped, for now, that it’s not an accurate guideline and even then, it’s a very highly debated method of categorization anyhow. 99% of people are a “mix” anyway, so it’s simply inaccurate and is just as easily ignored without an issue.