I'm New Here, Old to TRT, Need a Little Help

Guys, here is my situation, please comment if you think you can help

I have been on daily sub q injections for well over a year. At first I did them in my delt with a 1/2 long syringe. I could not manage my E2, I found I am an over responder and arimidex makes me feel really bad, I absorb it too fast.

I switched injection sites to my ass / hip fat area and I after 5 days I felt my test come back up and things were getting better and stable. I was injecting 10mg / day everyday not using an AI. This worked well but I felt a little flat and honestly I could not feel the advantage of TRT.
I upped the dose to 12mg / day and everything got better and stayed great for about 6 or 7 weeks.


I felt the effects of high E2 creep in. For me this is water retention, excess belly fat, reduced sex performance, and a poor muscle pump in the gym. I figured my E2 slowly crept up on me, and like boiling the frog I never notice until its really high. I took 1/4 of an aromasin and I completely crashed my E2. I feel like its in the low single digits. Didn’t draw blood, but I’ve done this before and its way down there. Been a week and its slowly coming back but at snails pace. I guess the E2 wasn’t as low as I thought or I my body had a reaction to the AI. I am a very med sensitive person.

To put some numbers to it, when I was doing daily sub Q in my delt I was injecting 12mgs / day everyday and my total test was an 890, my E2 was a 79. This felt only marginally bad, I probably could have lived with it. My doctor and friends say living with a E2 of 79 is no good, so I tried their suggestion of the ass fat injection site area. They tell me fat is so much less vascular than my delt that the absorption is slower and therefore no spike in conversion, so a lower total estrogen and specifically a lower E2 number.

I’m just not sure. Did anyone have an experience like this? Small amounts of test make large increases in blood syrum levels and I seem to over respond to any amount of an AI.

thoughts? (sorry this was so long)


I would get lab work before taking an AI, as you said you’re very sensitive to them, and a small dose crashed your e2. Don’t wander around blind when you can get quick insight

79 what? pg/mL?

I know of guys that use Arimidex at varying doses, some use 2mg/week to get the desired results, and some use 0.25mg/week to get the same results. So you don’t have to spend money on a different AI. I would dissolve 1 tablet into 2mls of water and use a dropper to dose. 2mls of water is somewhere between 40 and 60 drops, so at max concentration (40 drops) 10 drops would equal 1/4 tab of aromasin. You will have to adjust your dosage, but if you were to take 1 drop EOD, that should equal 1/8 of 1 tab per week (give or take). With your hypersensitivity, you might try 1 drop every second day. At that dosage if you started to notice negative effects, you would stop taking it for 3 days, and then take one drop every fourth day. I realize this is a pain to do, but you can get back to positive results within a month or so. Then you can track how you feel and how your body reacts.

Oh boy… take Cialis and drink lemon once a day. Its been known to lower Estrogen, even though 79 is no big deal. Lots of folks feel bloated once in a while. I did too when I bumped up my dose, then it all went away. I personally am Anti AI but I dont argue with those who are all about it

Some people aromatize more on SQ injection, but far less on IM injection. I aromatize like crazy on SQ. I’m an AI over-responder as well, aromasin was gentler but still ended up with joint problems even shaving off a tiny sliver or flake of aromasin.

Ahhh didnt realize you were Subq. Forget that method. Go with shallow IM. Youll feel the difference