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I'm New and Need Help


Hello all.... I'm a fat guy trying to get my weight off me and need your help please
let me give you my status
I'm 33 5'10" 375 lbs." I was 450lbs last year"
I quit what I was doing cause x reason but I'm back on track again

I'm doing the high protein low carb diet 3 days no carbs and 3 days low carbs I'm doing a cheat day which I know will slow down my progress but I feel if I don't doing I may quit......so I'm going to the gym I do treadmill for 20 min and then I jump to the elliptical for 30 min I do zig zag
4 min on 4 then I jump to 6 for 2 min then 8 and so on till I get to 12 and jump down to 6 and so on for 30 min.

It's true that I can't do weights since I have to much over weight? That's why I need help all I'm doing its cardio for 3 day a week thanks for all your help ( English its not my first language :slightly_smiling: )


get on a starting strength program... there's tons of beginner programs (links stickied on top of the forum)... and no ure not too fat to lift weights... football players can balloon to 350+ and they are as strong as an ox.


Sick progress, man. Nice work so far.

What did you do to drop those 75 pounds? Were you on this same kind of carb cycling diet and cardio plan?

Hate to be a bother, but "x reason" is pretty vague.

Did you just fall off the wagon? Did you have an injury? If we know what was up, we'll know how to not let it happen again.

That's fine, for now, if it helps keep you on track. To minimize the "damage" of a cheat day, make sure you're also hitting the gym on your cheat days.

What do you eat on a no carb day?

And on a low carb day?

What did your last cheat day look like?

How are your knees doing on the treadmill? To save your joints some of that impact, I'd rather have you just do the elliptical the whole time, or split it between the elliptical and a bike.

No, not true.

You need to do some resistance training while losing weight, in order to build some lean muscle. Otherwise you'll do what we call "going from a big fat guy to a smaller fat guy." :wink:

Something super-basic is fine for now, every day you're in the gym before you do the cardio. Even if it's just push-ups with hands on a bench, squats without weight, pulldowns, rows, and shoulder presses. You'll be building strength and stimulating some lean muscle (which can help to boost your metabolism even more).

Do you only have three days to get to the gym, or could you get there another day or two each week? Just checking.


Thanks chris.
Yes I drop the 75 pounds in the same plan.

I stop going to the gym cause I lost a loved one so I got really depressed.
By the way I have a bad lower back nothing really bad but need to watch what I do and my ankles bag me.

What I eat on a no carb day is breakfast 4 eggs wt ham and black beens since I work from 2 pm till 10 pm I have to take my own so chicken breast wt vegetables and 3 to 4 apples 1 low fat yogurt and lots of water 1 gallon diner some protein shake

Low carb about the same but I add 2 slices of bread and for lunch 3/4 of a cup of brown rice same diner
My cheat day 1 meal I got a burger wt fries in chillys diner half six dollar double burger :slightly_smiling:

I'm gonna try the elliptical for 50 min cause my knees.

I'm working my way up to go more than 3 day to the gym I'm going tonight and that will be my 3rd night

I will start working on the weights tonight

How many day of cardio will be good and how many days of weights should I do?

Thanks for your interest


Hey man, its great that you've committed to losing weight. I recently did the same and went from 275 to 215 at 6'1. A few things I can recommend (they worked for me). First, try to make it one cheat meal, instead of a cheat day if you can, if you have the discipline to lose the weight you've lost so far, you have the discipline to avoid an entire day of poor eating.

Second, make absolutely sure your calories are coming from the right sources. You said high protein low carb, but I am curious as to how much fat you are taking in (fat isn't bad, its just a matter of how much you eat in general). Also, while cardio is good for losing WEIGHT, understand that at some point you should start lifting. In my experience, BALANCE has been the key.

I am also curious as to why you think you are too overweight to lift? I don't think anyone is TOO fat to do any lifting at all, its just a matter of finding what lifts work for you personally. I bet you wouldn't have much trouble at least doing some upper body work if at least to maintain muscle (lots steady state cardio can be catabolic to muscle, just look at some marathon runners.)

All told though, you sound like you have the right idea and I hope you stick with it, because being proud of your body and seeing the results of your hard work is one of the best feelings in the world. Good luck!


Well people always tell me "that go to the gym" if u want to loose weight first you need to loose as much fat as possible....so if I go in the Morning to the gym and do cardio for 5 days would be ok to go after work and do some weight lifting? 3 times per week?


It sounds like you are talking about going twice a day 3 days a week and once a day at least 5. That can be good, if you have the time, just make sure it doesn't start interfering with the rest of your life.


Yes I can do it just do my cardio before work and my weights after work I'm in a 24 hrs gym and I'm single so it will be ok I just need to do it ..... I will try next week I'm so going tonight for my weights training :slightly_smiling: by the way I try to eat good protein lean protein as much as I can


5/3/1 Boring But Big -apart from great strength gains this will send your metabolism sky high. Follow this with cardio of your choice.

A daily 20 min walk at a brisk pace, first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) also does wonders.

Also have some fish oil tabs with every meal and look into supps like Biotest's HOT-ROX.


5/3/1 can you please explain it a bit more please

I was @ the gym last night I jump to the elliptical for 5 min level 4

after that I when to the weights room.
I did some alternate hammer curls 20 pounds 20 reps 4 sets

then 25 pounds on each side barbell behind the back wrist curl 20 reps 4 sets

then 80 pounds 20 reps 4 sets on machine fly

next 10 pounds dumbbell one arm triceps extension 20 reps 4 sets that was it

I know the name of the exercise because I got an app for my phone :slight_smile: I'm trying to get all the help I can get

ok im taking some supplements as follow
B12 2500 mcg 1 tablet a day
premium performance multi "31 vitamins & minerals" 1 a day got them in costco
vitamin C 1000 mg 2 a day
flaxseed oil 1300 mg per softget 2 a day
potassium 99 mg 1 a day
ginkgo biloba 60 mg 24% ginkgo flavonglycosides 2 a day
triple ginsa rush american ginseng root extract 200mg panaxginseng root extract 200mg guarana seed extract 200mg siberian root 200mg all these per tablet I take 2 a day
and glucosamine 2000 mg glucosamine 1200 mg chondroitin 500 mg msm
I take all that 1 a day I know its a lot let me know if any advices


5/3/1 is a straightforward, very effective strength program by Jim Wendler. It is very flexible and can be adjudsted to all sorts of goals including fatloss. Before you start it you should spend a couple of weeks learning the basic form for the core movements(squat, bench, deadlift, military press). Watchsome Mark Rippetoe videos on youtube or get one of his dvds.

To start off read some Jim Wendler articles-search for "jim wendler" or "blood and "chalk"

A thread specifically on 5/3/1:

Also read through the stickies in the beginners forum and the bodybuilding forum and some Dan John articles-everything he writes is pure gold:


As beneficial as HOT-ROX is for fat loss, it's simply unnecessary in this guy's current situation. A morbidly obese beginner who's still getting his exercise program in place (um, no offense poisonblood) has no reason at all to be considering fat burners.

Sorry to hear about your loss, but good for you for getting back to taking care of yourself.

If what you've been doing has been working, there's something to be said for sticking with the plan as is, or at least making minimal additions (like adding strength training. That's definitely a must-do.)

I'll bet that as we drop some fat, your back and ankles will eventually start feeling better, since they're not supporting as much weight.

Gotcha, and if that's been working, awesome, stick with it. But just to be a nit-picker, if I'm reading it right, your "no carb day" is really a low carb day and your "low carb day" is really a moderate carb day.

This should definitely help your knees, back, and ankles.

If you can get three good cardio workouts and three good weight workouts every week, that'll be fine. Whether you do cardio and weights on the same day or alternate one day just weights with one day just cardio is really up to you. If you can fit in more days, that's fine, but I'd still keep one or two days of no training at all, to prevent getting burned out.

5/3/1 is a lifting template designed by Jim Wendler. There's an article explaining the basics here:

Glad to see that you're doing some weights, but you'll get even better results if you focus on "bigger" and more challenging exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time.

For example, some kind of bench press (dumbbells, barbell, or machine) would be a better choice than the machine fly, because the press will work your chest, some shoulders, and some triceps, while the fly only works the chest.

Bigger movements like that, called compound exercises, are a more efficient way of building strength and muscle, and boosting your metabolism with each workout. You can still do some arm exercises (curls, extensions, etc.), but I'd try to do some kind of squat or lunge, a pulldown or a row, and some kind of chest press in each session also.

Also, instead of lighter weights for high reps, try to use a weight you can only lift for no more than 8-12 reps. Light weight, high rep work won't build much strength or muscle.

It might all seem like a lot of work, but remember that it's worth it and it'll get you where you want to go... less fat, more muscle, and in better shape.


Poison: I'm super excited for you! Listen to these guys and keep it simple for now. No need to worry about anything advanced types of training or advanced types of diets or supplementation. Just eat healthy (if it doesn't come from an animal or the ground, don't eat it..except your cheat meal haha) and keep on your workouts (Cardio and Weights). Start a journal on here and I know many people will be very interested in monitoring your results and progress.


thanks 7thSonofa7thSon,Cprimero,Chris Colucci,and ZJStrope by the way good idea!!! on the journal

I'm going to start my reading on the 5/3/1 right now I hope I can start on it monday

also going to weight my self monday and take a pic so I can keep you all informed in my progress
by the way Im transforming my 1 day cheat in to 1 meal I want to see results soon :wink:

wish me luck I know it wont be easy but wt your help it wont be so hard guys I really appreciated your time and its inspired me lots like you dont have an idea

hey Chris you think I should stop eating black beans on my no carb days? how about apples and bananas?


Personally, I'd say stick with what you are doing except for the few suggestions that were made above. It's working and you can't argue with results. Once those results start to slow down or stop, then you should re-evaluate what you are doing.


OK today Monday 10/04/10 my weight was 365 it was 375 so 10 pounds off my feet I'm gonna weight my self every Monday to check progress on me i took some pics Ill upload them tomorrow and will be taking pics every month or two to see body progress I'm going a bit more strict on my carbs a bit stream "for me" but I'm sure I will love the results thanks all for help wish me luck....


[quote]poisonblood wrote:
OK today Monday 10/04/10 my weight was 365 it was 375 so 10 pounds off my feet I'm gonna weight my self every Monday to check progress on me i took some pics Ill upload them tomorrow and will be taking pics every month or two to see body progress I'm going a bit more strict on my carbs a bit stream "for me" but I'm sure I will love the results thanks all for help wish me luck....


Hey bud, Chris is dead on the money on his advice.

Only thing I'd suggest is to not perform "standard" squats due to your weight - too much stress on the joints. I'd maybe start with a goblet squat to get the form and the weight you'd be using is just a dumbbell that you can handle, so nothing too crazy (not like you're going to pick up a 140lbs dumbbell and do these).

Also I may have missed it in there, but how many times a day are you eating? Try to increase the number to 6 times a day and if you're at work or school and can't eat, then make yourself a protein shake and down it, as it'll give you what you need in a pinch.

GLAD to hear about the water. So many times it's overlooked... I can't tell you how many people tell me "I can't drink that much water" when they see me with gallon jugs of the stuff...

Really good to see you making your own meals and packing them with you... That's a sign of success...

Keep up the good work...


how much protein do i need to put on the shakes as a meal? 1 or 2 spoons? I eat about 4 times and a protein shake be for bed so I wont wake up after 3 hours of sleep hungry looking for the cat lol


I'd just follow the directions on what is called for in the protein you're using. Usually 1 scoop...