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I'm New and I Don't How to Get Started

Hello everyone .

I’ve decided to workout powerlifting and they advice me to start with this program
but i have no idea about how to get started ?
or how to do my own program for following the path
if anyone he has knowledge i would say please guide me to get started .

Hi Sabre,

The best way to get started in to go to a web page and download the 5/3/1 worksheet. Then, you just fill in the numbers and you are on your way. That is what I did. I am been using the 5/3/1 program for four weeks now. I love the program. I go the gym knowing what I need to do for that day. No more guessing. Good luck, Happy Lifting.

The best way to learn about the program is to buy a book. Probably Beyond 531 is the boot to get if the program is new to you, which is available on Amazon or jim wendler’s website. Another alternative is to just look up “531 for beginners” or 531 triumverate, and follow them exactly as they are prescribed.


I prefer original 531 personally, I find it simpler, but each to their own.

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Definitely recommend a book, but avoid 5/3/1 Forever as a beginner. I consider myself fairly experienced in lifting, but new to 5/3/1 and had a hard time understanding the nuances of that edition when I first got it.

Otherwise, yeah, Triumverate is a fine place to start. Its listed in a tnation article and is impossible to mess up.


Ok , i didn’t get it , what’s that Triumverate ??

Yes i got pdf version on web but it’s complicated something , for example my weight is 58 kg and i want to left bench press , so how much kg i have to left it ? when i went to gym i couldn’t even left 5 kg by the bar ???

Thank you a lot man , from where i have to get this worksheet ?

Buy the book. It’s too easy to mess this program up by cobbling stuff together online. Buy the book and read it.

It’s traditionally considered poor form to say you pirated someone’s material on their own forum.


Not sure what exercise you’re talking about, but if you can’t lift the bar plus 5-10kg, then 5/3/1 isn’t appropriate for you because the numbers won’t work out correctly.

Start with something more basic, like Starting Strength, and after a few months you can progress to 5/3/1 after you’ve developed a better strength base.

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Because i want to get an idea about this program .

yesterday i workout out by bar 20 KG , i think i can do it with 5 3 1
my weight is 58 KG i want you to help me for making a program
or someone else who knows how is it done .

Buying would be the better option for that.

I mean honestly dude, and I’m not being mean, but you’re far too weak to worry about a program. Put some weight on the bar, do some reps, repeat, then eat a shit load.

5 sets 5 reps
3 sets 10reps
8/5/3/3/1 with increasing weight

Just something. Get the work in. Provided you’re not walking around with unmentioned injuries or defects, you’ll put on size and weight.

Hell, when I started, for 18 weeks i had Squat Day, and Bench Day. That was it. I alternated days, and did 3-5 assistance lifts. I added roughly 100lbs to my bench, and 150 to my squat. Dont be afraid to add weight, and you’ll be fine. Dont overthink it. Do the work.