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I'm New. 6'2'' 87kg


ill get more photos in the gym!


6foot 2
weigh 87kg


post required pics before you get laughed out of here.


You're so pretty!


The clock is ticking


At least Goku likes your hair cut.


If you're going to post a picture of the base of your dick at lest include a NSFW tag.


That's not the proper waist position for your underwear.


I'd give you a 6 if your legs were en par with your upper body.
I'm sure you understand that, without photos of your wheels, I had to half that score.

Carry on.


no problems ill get new pics after i shredd from bulking :smiley:




So we should expect those pics in two or three years?


Myspace guido looking for 13yr old blonde girl with nice boobs. I like american eagle and wear flip flops, I go to the gym all the time, all day. I enjoy getting my hair did and shopping with my spare time.


ghey Australian crossfitter.


Made me LOL.

And Coachese: Got banned, bro?


this isn't a dating website


good luck man


That was odd. I don't remember having "coachese68" as a handle here.


Your an embarassment to our great nation.
Please go away.
tweet tweet


Congrats on getting that role as an extra in the new Twilight movie!