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I'm Never Hungry

I love the shit out of this post!


Thank you Mr Obvious :+1:

I smoke weed regularly. It is not a smart idea to use it to eat constantly. The effect will eventually be that you won’t be hungry unless you smoke.

This guy is 5’7 230. He has no problem eating. I actually did have a problem eating for years, and for years I had to stuff down food. Took me 10 years to go from 165-230, and I’m 6’3. This guy is the same weight at 8 inches shorter.


Agreed, I edited the post. maybe some skinny kid will come across it and it can be of help to them! but yeah, me too. the solution is to simply stay high.

It’s a sacrifice, but gaining weight is not for the faint of heart.

Becoming a professional eater is a tough job but somehow we manage. Take your time. When I was starting many years ago I didn’t count calories nor macros and shit, main mission was to eat 5-7 large meals comprised of chicken/beef or some other meet/fish at hand with rice/buckwheat/pasta and plenty of vegetables with lots of added fats in every meal and this was for years to grow as much meat as possible. Workout like a fucking beast, tear that shit down. Be the hardest worker in the room. Eat till you basically puke then eat some more, whatever it takes to get the fucking job done. This was the school I’m from. Nobody gave a fuck about your appetite, can’t eat- won’t grow, game over. 8 from 10 in the gym couldn’t eat and still by this day most likely can’t. Now 13 years later and thousands and hours invested in reading, gaining knowledge, trying everything on myself I can surely say its paying huge dividends even though it was hardcore. Can eat whatever amounts of food required, know what I digest best, what I digest worst and appetite is never a problem. Do blood tests as well and dig deeper if seriously you can’t gain weight, but remember to get big you must eat big for extended periods of time and train like there ain’t no tomorrow. Hope it clicks if not my turn was to try. Wish nothing but success in your journey.