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I'm Never Hungry

Is there anyone else that doesn’t feel hunger? I’ve been trying to gain weight for a long time and I have to choke down everything I eat. Doesn’t anyone know what that’s like and what would help?

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I’m Jelous, I’m ALWAYS hungry.

I’m guessing you’ve gotta use the same discipline to force feed yourself as I have to do to not eat . . .

What about after a hard workout or sport/sprint session , does that elevate your hunger?

Worst comes to worst there are some great tasting mass gainer shakes out there which is easier to force down 1000kcals of that than 1000kcals of forced food.

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You don’t need to be hungry to eat, so I would put those thoughts to the side. It isn’t helping you. To make eating easier, do the reverse of typical strategies for keep weight off:

  • Have calories in liquid form
  • Buy bigger plates
  • Eat as fast as you can, don’t over chew your food
  • Eat mindlessly (eg: infront of your phone/TV)
  • Look for easier to consume foods like rice/pasta
  • Eat mostly.calorie dense food
  • etc, etc

This ^

Also look to drink calories. Even after a massive meal I reckon we can still squeeze in a glass and with a couple of meals a day it adds up

How tall are? How much do you weigh? How do you train?

Activity level is the main driver for hunger.

Not hungry? Do more.

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Take some of my hunger! Seriously. Everytime I’m hungry I’ll text you and you have to eat.

I do have a friend that’s also 5’10" like me but he never feels hungry. His natural non-lifting, non-eating weight was 130#. He had to fight to make it to 160#. His go-to weight gainer during that time was rice with olive oil on it (doesn’t like butter). He would eat 6 cups of this mixture per day on top of normal meals.

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Like others have said. Look for small changes. Add a glass of milk or chocolate milk to each meal. Add cheese / peanut butter to your food. Add ranch to your pizza and do the other things obese people commonly do.

I could bot imagine not being hungry.

I’m starving 80% of the time.


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Cry me a river. If you aren’t gaining weight you’re not eating enough. I always feel full and often feel sick after eating. Sometimes that’s what it takes to gain weight.

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I’m 5’7" 230lbs BUT I probably get around only 2000 calories a day, maybe. And that’s me forcing myself to eat. I hate eating. I train like there’s no tomorrow with as much weight and as many reps as possible.

Oh… come on. You are never hungry but, you are fat? Do you have an allergic reaction to air?


Eating calorie dense foods will be key, Nuts/nut butters, put lots of olive oil in and on everything you eat, fruit, grass fed cheese and ice cream before bed is not a bad way to do it. Former client of mine had a real hard time gaining weight, super fast metabolism and didn’t feel hungry. I half-jokingly told him to eat Ben and Jerry’s every night before bed. Saw him again 6 months later and he gained 20lbs, asked him what he did, and he said, Ben and Jerry’s Like you told me! Boom!


I feel you. Started 5/3/1 recently and knew I was going to have to eat BIG if I wanted results. I started eating what felt impossible - until my stomach hurt - yet when I counted calories for a few days, realized I was barely breaking 3000!
As some have suggested, liquid calories are easier to ingest and you don’t “notice” as much.
DON"T try to be “healthy” (just plain chicken, etc). You need tons of fat (add sausage to your as-many-eggs-as-possible breakfast). I do try to avoid sugary stuff but gotta admit, chocolate milk is a big calorie bonus. And yummy.
Whole milk is a nutritional powerhouse.
And as others said here, don’t wait until you’re hungry to eat. Eat because it’s been two hours and you want your muscles to get big. And get rid of that subconscious worry that you’re “going to get fat instead of muscular”. If it happens, our natural lack of hunger will make it easy for us to correct once we’ve given this a try for a few months.
Good luck!

He is 5’7" 230lbs he has no issues eating.


Lol didn’t see that…

Do this below. Both Appetite will go through the roof and you’ll stop being such a fatty. Win Win…


weed, my guy. lots and lots of weed. i’m gaining weight like a motherfucker because i make nutritious meals that i proceed to eat while i’m high. food tastes better too, trust me on that.

edit: at 5’7” and 230 pounds, just eat how you’re currently eating, you’re fine


Hahaha I’m not fat :joy:

At 5 7’ and 230 lbs if you aren’t fat you wouldn’t be staying that weight at 2000 calories per day.