IM Needle for GH

this post is intended to bushidobadboy.
to take what your IM needle? because for 2 to 3 ui (gh) that remains in the syringe (needle).
thank you for your response and your help.

You are on the “1ml insulin MONOJECT” happen? because a friend had a ball because of this syringe (needle).
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using a 29 gauge insulin needle to do an IM injection? How would you do that? in the shoulder and other lean parts of the body? Best injections sites with this type of needle for IM injects?

Couldn’t you use injection water or something if you had to?

cool stuff will see if I can find a 30G …im assuming that the 30G is longer than the 29G insulin…since the gauges are mostly the thickness of the needle?

Not necessarily.

Different guages come in a variety of sizes. I’ve seen 29 in 5/8ths of an inch but Ive never seen 30 bigger than .5". Doesnt mean it doesnt exist though, I dont really search much as .5" works for delts, quads and VG for me as long as the injection volume is small.

ok cool stuff thanks Bonez217.

i think IM injections for HGH is good if you dont get sides. Ive started experiencing sides with IM injections due to hgh levels raising too quickly in my blood. Im going back to SQ injections as the slower release seems to give me less sides…

What do you mean by sides exactly?

yep currently on 3ius E3D. Ever since i started the IM injections I have been getting terribly bloated and terrible abdominal pains - almost as if my whole colon is infected it feels like. But since doing SQ injections those symptoms/sides have subsided. I think im going to continue with the SQ for a week or 2 before going back to the IM ones.

how much do you recommend should be shot for IM shots? im using a 30guage, 12.5mm insulin needle and doing delt shots…since im lean on my delts. 3ius at 1 shot…havent even worked my way up to 5ius yet lol when i do i will do 2 injections…one morning and one post workout.

sorry but last week i was on 3ius EOD. Only started E3D this week

hi there

well its normatropin…my supplier in SA is quite reliable and is noted for selling the real stuff…infact he has a website where he discusses the fakes in the market.

by the way. I neglected to mention I have the flu and recently had a stomach bug with the flu. I am now on antibiotics and an antihistamine. The stomach pain and bloatedness has gone which makes me believe it actually could have been a viral or bacterial infection rather than the HGH.

I did 3ius today. Will keep you posted.

Also did another post regarding my blood work. its been about 2.5 months since my cycle…and my cholestrol levels are high and my LDL levels as well. Cholesterol = 6.21 mmol/L, LDL = 3.89 mmol/L. Im attributing these levels to my previous cycle. I have a question…would it be advisable to use lipatol if ever using winny…to help keep cholestrol down?

im starting a strict diet today…and will test my cholesterol levels in 2 weeks. Will keep you posted.

i have been taking hgh for the last 2 weeks. About 10iu EOD, split across 3 injections. (the first day i took 6IU across 2 injections, IM, one in the morning one pre workout). All of them have been IM, legs or delts. Using 29 gauge slin pin, 12.5mm, with 1ml water per vial.

If you put in a bit more air into the vial than there is fluid, the positive pressure inside helps to draw it all out and u waste nothing. Also taking 500mg metformin daily in the morning for the carbs (half life is 6-7 hrs so it covers my lunch too)

so far no side effects