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I'm Moving to NYC


So I'm moving to NYC. Since I'll be going to school I can't really afford to live in Manhattan but would love to get a place in Queens or Brooklyn. For those of you who are familiar with the city, which neighborhoods do you recommend? I'm planning on getting a small studio with a kitchen(gotta cook).


You're moving to NY? Good for you. I'm sure you'll love it.



Astoria is great, and very close to the city, but in recent years has become stupidly expensive for tiny basement apts. That's how I ended up in my current locale, Rego Park (right on the border or Forest Hills, which is really nice as well). In Astoria, I saw 500 sq ft basement apts with no windows, and asking prices of $1500 a month. Then I found my current apt which is 1000 sq ft with rent (at the time) of considerably less. Grab a Map, see what places are subway accessible, and then google a few reviews :slight_smile:



Bushwhick. Go there. Nice place.


my gf is in astoria, she is paying $1600 a month for a nice 2 bedroom right near the subway, so she splits that with her roomate... and shes in the city for 800 a month. amazing. her bedroom in the city is bigger than mine in CT.


I know you're kidding...but its actually pretty reasonable to live in Bushwick and is technically close to Williamsburg (but who the fuck cares for hipsters). I have friends in Bushwick and that place is getting gentrified by the second - make of that what you will.

Surprisingly rents on the upper east side have gone down, so you shouldn't rule out manhattan.

I think looking for a share is your best option to be honest - not too many cheap studios around. But mid Brooklyn, Sunset park moving into Bay Ridge is nice too.

Queens? Meh. I only go there to eat.

What school are you going to (you can PM that info if you want)?


Thanks for the info man. I'm looking through Craigslist right now. I have to say the subway lines are all new to me, usually I just grab a taxi when I go to NYC. So I'll have to look at that and then start calling people :). My best friend is also moving from Miami to NYC so we might end up getting something together...


I work in Bushwick and am at work right now. :slightly_smiling:


I don't work in Bushwick and am at home right now. :slightly_smiling:


Dude, if you're gonna move to Queens and you want all the shit that every young man wants--friends, pussy, recreation--you have to move to Bayside or Astoria. I just moved to Bayside, one block from Bell Boulevard, where there are 24 bars in a four block span. There's a gym on Bell, two in Whitestone, and one in College Point, all of them easily accessible from Bayside as well.

I went out myself last week to Bell and there were HUNDREDS of women roaming around. I'm going back this Friday and Saturday. Well, I've gone to Bell my whole life, but whatever; I moved to Bayside specifically for more fun.

We've already discussed Astoria in another thread and the amount of recreation and things to do warrants too much to write here.

By the way people, Bushwick isn't nearly as bad as it once was. I work there and am there right now. I walk around all the time. It depends WHERE in Bushwick, and it's slowly being gentrified a la Fort Greene, Bed Stuy, and Williamsburgh - former warzones no one in their right mind would voluntarily walk through in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

I got a great deal in Bayside - 800 bucks a month for a VERY spacious studio.

Let me know if you need more info. I don't do PMs on here but you can contact me with the info I have in my hub here. Or you can text me because I don't give a shit about giving my number - 347-834-5819.

Oh, and you might like Forest Hills, but it's not like Astoria or Bayside.


haha exactly what I was looking for man, thanks! Astoria and Bayside it is. I'm 21 and yea you know how it goes....did you hire someone to find you a studio or did you just look around your self?


Yeah, the area by Bell blvd is probably more of what you'd be wanting as far as social scenes go.



depends on your budget. was looking at apartments with a friend of mine last week who's also moving to nyc and 1500/month can get you a mediocre 1 bedroom in hell's kitchen (westside of manhattan in the 40's) or a studio on the upper west side. if you don't need much space choose manhattan because the proximity to good night life is such a huge thing. similarly, I'm sure you could find something decent for a comparable price in a youthful neighborhood in brooklyn. also, ask your school because they can probably hook you up with student discounted living. IMO, if you're a social guy, choose neighborhood over apartment.

also, check craigslist.


Now your tempting me to move. Well,this thread along with the San Diego thread.


Yea, go live with that Bricknyce sissy. Who tends to give out bunk information on this forum and talk crap, and is ancient.



Do me a favor: Provide me with some of the bunk information I provide on this forum.


And you too will soon be ancient considering you're 22 years old and consider me ancient at the age of 31 (which I just turned on June 28th of this year).

And what bunk information have I provided in this thread right here? Why would I lie about despcriptions of neighborhoods - neighborhoods I GREW UP IN - in regards to gyms, recreation, demographics, and transportation?

Do you know anyone who lives in Queens that would provide you with different information?


Dorsam Real Estate is best for Bayside. Ask for Jay if you use them. He knows a lot of good places. I live on the same block as the stop for the Long Island Railroad, 25 minutes from Manhattan.

You're going to get less space for your money in Astoria generally and/or might have to live with a roommate depending on your situation. I don't know your occupation or income, but because you're 21 years old, I'm ASSUMING (might not be the best thing to do) that 1500 bucks a month in Manhattan will be too expensive UNLESS you have help or somehow have a high paying job at such a young age.