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I'm Meeting Joe Biden


im a marine and in a certain place and time very soon will meet joe biden. should i ask him why he spearheaded the 1990 steroid control act even though the scientific counsel of congress stated theres little evidence that proper steroid use causes damaging effects, nor did they even wait for studies to confirm the damaging effects and simply made them a controlled substance for everyone when there main concern was not wanting athletes and high school kids to have as much access to it. or should i just pussy out and talk about the economy and war etc....


Ask him why he supports FORCED abortions and infanticide in China, the rotten scumbucket...


No, you should not.

Nobody cares and Biden has probably been a professional bullshit artist longer than you have been alive.

So, stfu and learn to pick your battles.


I'd rather you ask him about his hand in writing the Patriot Act the one that the left tries to pin on Bush and the right all the time.


You should punch him in the face in an attempt to uphold this:

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

Specifically the domestic part.


In my short lifetime (okay that was a joke-but the rest is true) I've met President Reagan, President Bush (The Elder) VP Dan Quayle, President G. W. Bush and VP Cheney. And countless Senators and Congressmen at the state and national level. Trust me when I tell you that they don't give a rats ass what you have to say.

In fact on occasion, behind the scenes, they'll even make jokes about regular Joe's like you who try to give policy advice. Just enjoy the moment get a photo to show your wife and kids and move on.


Tell him you're a Tea Party guy, which automatically makes you a terrorist according to him.


LOL! Yeah give him hell!


Are you really going to have enough time to sit and discuss shit with him, or is he just going to stop by for some handshakes and a photo op?


Spit on your hand before you shake his.


No, you would be laughed down with a question like that. Here, a .00000034% of the population really understands and cares.

I would go along the lines as as Maximus, but not say tea party........Tell him first, "it's an honor Sir"....then ask him "How does it feel to be running a Government who thinks I am a Terrorist?"

Cite Janet's NoCompetano's white veteran racial profiling documents as well as the Tea Party comment he made. Additionally the caucus is saying "The tea party can go the hell" on and on...but this is the most in your face recent stuff.


Kick him in the head.


Just don't ask him to sing...


Ask if he and Obama would like to apologize to the family members of SealTeam6 for outing their identity and making them a special target for the taliban.

When I was active IDF, I trained with a bunch of Marine sappers/engineers (not clear on the technical English word) of various kinds. Hardcore, but carry too much gear for the desert and not enough water.


Whatever you do, don't get between him and a microphone. That's a dangerous place to be.


haha, those poor guys. They need to go in to witness protection!


mfw you idiots think trolling a politician is a good idea.


Ask him where my great aunt Beatrice's remains are...we just want closure.



I think its an excellent idea, just not the way OP is suggesting to do it.