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Im losing my hair!!!! :(

Here’s a viewpoint of someone who knows a lot about what it’s like being bald, since I’ve been bald for 39 years, since age 27.

Age 18: 50 hairs a day on my comb.
Age 23: Photo shows very definitely thinning hair.
Age 27: As bald as I am now, at 66.

Young guys today are in luck in that shaving the head is in style. Back then only Yul Brynner did it.

I used to think being bald made me look old. Likewise, when my 8-year beard turned gray around 1990, I shaved it off, 'cause I didn’t want to look old. Now that I AM old, I don’t care. It makes me look distinguished.

Lots of successful businessmen are bald. “Dress for success.”

Two sayings: (1) God made only a limited number of perfect heads; the rest he covered with hair. (2) [from my friend D. L.:] “Once I had waves, now I have beach.”

Whatever you do or don’t do about it, enjoy your life!

The less hair you have, the more head you get!