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I'm Losing My Butt

I have notice that as men get older we tend to get a flater butt. I have spoken with alot of woman and they dont care for flat butts.

So what can we do about it? Squats? Deads? Lunges?

Lets see a thick butt routine. As I dont want to loose my ass with age.

2 dumbells with a bench behind you. Put your toes from one foot up on the bench behind you…squat with that one leg. ASS FOREVER>

Squat, dead - especially SLDL.

Don’t forge the GHR if you are able to do it.

The good morning is a good one for the glutes/hams too - be careful of that lower back. If you have back strain - the form is off and not making the glutes/hams grow.

Use the ‘Butt Buster’ machine, available at fine ladies gyms everywhere.

Squats and deadlifts brought mine back to what it was when I was younger. They really did the job, and did it pretty quickly, in just months.


1 leg RDL

Squats, step ups, lunges and I would also add sled pull and sprinting up steep inclines (Hills), Tire flipping and car pushing as well if possible.

Just don’t let you gut get bigger than your butt. I think that is where the problem lies. The gut & love handles become dispropinately large but the butt remains the same size. They use to be a size 32 waist now they are a 40 waist & the butt disappears.

[quote]Rockscar wrote:
2 dumbells with a bench behind you. Put your toes from one foot up on the bench behind you…squat with that one leg. ASS FOREVER>[/quote]

I’m damned if I can do that! I can squat, however, with the other leg, the one I am still standing on;-)


Missionary position is also good for the butt.

Butt seriously, there is a core exercise that can help too. Lay on your back, then bend your knees bringing your feet towards your butt till your feet are flat on the ground. The feet should be rather close together. Now push your butt up. Lower and raise about 100 times. You’ll get a nice burn in your buns.


just freaking squat.

Good Mornings, deadlifts, dumbell deadlifts, and squats.

On a lying down leg sled, you might try one leg presses with lighter weight(foot straight forward). With one leg, it tends to work the glutes harder. This is a great finishing exercise to a hard leg workout.

The ultimate glute developer is the Reverse Hyper followed by GHR, Squats w/ a wider stance…

Kneeling squats cannot be touched. You can use a shit load of weight and if you put the weight on your knees rather than much on the feet, you gluteus have to take the load. The hammies are in a mechanically disadvantaged position. Check out get your butt in gear for details. http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=04-057-training