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I'm Looking for Some Good Muscular Photos


Hey everyone,

 I'd like to find a bunch of good physique photos.  For the purpose of inspiration.  Pics of guys like Frank Zane.  Guys with think density and real symmetry.  Even Christian T. has a pretty inspirational physique.  If you know of any links I'd be greatful for them.  Thanks!

PS My sister is also starting to train. She would like some photos of women as well. Nothing sensual.


Do people just log on and post without reading even one other post on this site? Did you by any chance even see the different forums here?

There was an entire thread just started on bodybuilders yet you missed this? How could you if you even spent 10 seconds looking around the site before posting? If you want other photos, go find them.


couple months ago i was looking for pics of some "old school BBs". found www.classicbodybuilders.com

as far as specifically zane and whatnot, you can probably google just about any bodybuilders name and come up with a shitload of photos for them